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Covid-19 Update from SEO Inc

A quick note from our CEO :

“After watching the news today 4/7/2020, information relayed from experts is “we see the light at the end of the tunnel.” It looks like we might be hitting the tipping point, and the trend is starting to move in a slight downtrend. It’s not time to celebrate yet, but this is very encouraging for all of us. It’s time to start gearing up for what I anticipate as a landslide of new business”.

Stay healthy, wash your hands and keep up social distancing!


Garry Grant, SEO Inc’s CEO

We at SEO Inc. realize that the measures being taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 will have an impact on many of our client’s businesses. We wanted to keep you updated on how we’re handling our company and its activities regarding our clients for the time being. 

What We Are Doing At SEO Inc. To Protect Our Staff And Ensure Uninterrupted Delivery Of Service To Our Clients

SEO Inc. is making it a priority to protect our staff and, therefore, have sent team members to work remotely and have been doing so for over a month. SEO Inc. has granted remote access to all our tools and resources to provide uninterrupted delivery of our services to our clients. There will be no interruption on any scheduled calls, deliverables, or technical fixes. We recognize that this is a challenging time for all but wanted to reassure you that we will be continuing to work on your SEO and PPC campaigns in the meantime.

We accomplished this with a well thought out strategy and executed our plan. All testing and connectivity were done more than a week in advance of the remote working plan. We are holding scheduled company meetings frequently and client daily recap meetings without and issues.

  1. We installed remote access software on all of our computers. This permits us to logon remotely to each team members desktop and allows us to access our network, CMS and client files, and information
  2. We have also changed our Live meeting and conferences to Zoom as we can have video, phone, cell, and laptop connectivity with HD calls and video.

SEO Inc. has been in the business of SEO and digital marketing for 23 years.  We are here to talk to you about your current SEO and PPC strategy. Furthermore, we can talk to you about how best to position yourself for an economic rebound once the peak of the crisis has passed. Free to reach out to your account manager or contact us here.

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