Google In jail
Google Possum Update A significant local algorithm update occurred on September 1, 2016, that had local business listings disappearing—or, more surprisingly, reappearing—from the Local Finder and the local three pack. Dubbed “Possum” by the local search community (because the listings weren’t missing, just filtered, AKA, “dead”), the update is shaking things up for local businesses....
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Page Speed Accelerator Helps Websites Go Fast Boom! As you probably know by now, Google is about to get all jacked up on Caffeine! No, they haven’t been downing extra shots of mocha latte… well maybe they have, but that’s not what we’re talking about. The newest update to Google’s ranking algorithm has been dubbed...
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Top 5 Rules for Writing Bad SEO Content Anyone who knows at least a little about SEO knows the “old” adage: “Content is King” (in the Internet world anything over ten years = old). Quality content will get your site more recognition from search engines and users. But what if you live with Bizarro Superman,...
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