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Facebook Launches Search Ads, Why Does This Matter for You?

Facebook Launches Search Ads In December, Facebook announced they are testing ads in search results. The ads will be run in both the platform’s primary search results and the Marketplace search results. This move puts them once again in direct competition with Google Adwords. This isn’t the first time they’ve tried sponsored results, as it...
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SEO Trends in 2019

SEO Trends in 2019 Search engine optimization (SEO) has come a long way since the days of stuffing whatever keyword you wanted to rank for in your code with the meta keywords tag. Back in the early days, whether your content matched those keywords or not was irrelevant – you could rank with ease. Over...
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The End of Google PageRank: Google Kills Off Its Most Visible Ranking Factor

We gather here today to remember Google PageRank. John Mueller confirms that Google is completely removing PageRank scores from the public eye. Google Toolbar and non-Chrome browsers may still show the scores for the next few weeks, but enjoy it while it lasts. That data will soon be unavailable—if it hasn’t disappeared already. PageRank was...
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