SEO Inc. is Growing! We Expand Our Team and Open the Doors to Our New Office

SEO Inc Expands Team and Opens New Office

Change can be good.

At SEO Inc., we believe in the kind of change that benefits the whole. Like switching up your keyword strategy to include more LSI keywords, for example. That’s the kind of change that can make a major positive impact.

Today we’re pleased to announce our own upcoming changes. Our recent successes have all been pointing toward one thing—the rapid growth of SEO Inc.

In a few days, SEO Inc. is opening the doors to our new office space! It’s everything we’ve been looking for and is just the place to grow our business and offer even better SEO services. But we couldn’t offer these services without extra help, which is why we’ll be looking to grow our team too.

Big changes are coming. And we’d like to tell you all about them. (Read to the end; there’s a big surprise there.)

Location, Location, Location

Our website and SEO services continue to expand, and as a result so too does our list of clients. We knew a change was in order if we wanted to continue providing the best SEO services we can. Which is why we’re moving here:

SEO Inc. is Growing! We Expand Our Team and Open the Doors to Our New Office


We’re willing to bet the new SEO Inc. HQ will be the envy of the search engine optimization world. The new place is located in beautiful Carlsbad, California, a mile from Palomar Airport. The building sits atop a hill with a view of the dazzling Pacific Ocean. (Really, how idyllic can you get?)

And as if the killer location weren’t enough, our office will be part of a Class A building. This means it keeps to the highest standards of building classifications and offers exceptional accessibility and state-of-the-art systems to visitors and employees alike.

We’ve outfitted the new office with the latest eco-friendly air units for our server room, ensuring it’s nice and cool for all that precious flow of data while saving power at the same time. We’ve also installed smart temperature controls that save energy—even on weekends.

And did we mention the energy-saving windows?

The front of SEO Inc.'s new office building.

Top-shelf stuff!

Plenty of Room to Grow

So a bigger office is all well and good. But it means little without a qualified, professional staff to fill it. Luckily, we’ve got that part covered already—only now we’re making room for more!

Following the move to the new office, we’ll be scouting for members to add to our talented team. We’ll be looking to expand our search engine optimization services with several key positions:

  • SEO Director
  • Web Developer
  • Digital Marketing Support positions
  • SEO Engineers

Once we’re ready to reveal more, we’ll let you know when the time comes for you to join our team!

The Big Reveal

We’ve got one last announcement to make, and it’s an exciting one!

Commemorating our move to the new office will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony by none other than Mayor of Carlsbad Matt Hall! Also attending will be members of City Council, members of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, as well as local news teams and other local businesses.

It’s an honor to have the spotlight shining on us as Carlsbad’s premier SEO service provider. But then again, we’re going through some exciting changes. Our enthusiasm must be infectious!

So keep your eye on SEO Inc. in the days to come. Like us on Facebook or check out our Twitter feed for the impending barrage of new office pics. Our brand of unique, proven, and affordable SEO services have always turned heads. But with lots more changes on the way, you can be sure you’ll be seeing our name around!

And that’s one thing that will never change.

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