SEO Inc. Announces New SEO Course

SEO Inc: New SEO Course at UCSD

Today I wanted to talk a little about the SEO training course that SEO Inc. teaches
at the nearby University of California, San Diego.

Since 2008 we have taught our 3-day search engine optimization training course four times a year, covering all the essential topics within search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEM) for webmasters, small and large business owners, and corporate marketers. At the time, when we first launched the 3- credit SEO course, it was believed to be the first of its kind to offer any SEO certification or college credit. Five years later, it’s the ultimate fast-track SEO class for learning Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

SEO CompanyI was present at the first session of this search engine optimization certification course, and since then, we have received many great reviews from our students. Here is an unsolicited recommendation that our veteran course teacher (and Sr. Director of SEO) Burkan Bur just recently received from one of his students:


Thank you for today’s lesson. Until today, I didn’t know I would be learning the practices from the pioneers in SEO innovation. You have the best PP content, processes, and resources/tool kit for SEO I’ve come across in the past two months of trying to self-learn SEO. I wish I knew what I learned today when my partners and I redesigned our website four months ago – It won’t be SEO-friendly.

I think it’s excellent that SEO Inc. is involved with UCSD. SEO done right gives us entrepreneurs and business owners a substantial competitive edge (and the more successful business owners and entrepreneurs in San Diego, the better!) I look forward to tomorrow’s lesson.


Matthew W.

During the course, students learn to optimize their websites to achieve higher rankings in the top search engines and help increase Web visibility, brand awareness, and online sales and conversions. We are constantly updating our materials to include the latest search engine technology and social media trends, which brings me to my big announcement.

SEO Inc. is implementing an in-house SEO course to augment the UCSD SEO training program. This is by no means replacing the UCSD course. Instead, by bringing our SEO course onto the “SEO Inc. campus,” we will now be able to offer additional resources, more hands-on training with real-life examples, and instruction from more of our employees with years of experience in the SEO industry.

I am so excited about this new program. I am confident that we can help even more entrepreneurs achieve their goals via SEO and social media marketing, including current SEO Inc. clients, small business owners, and self-starters. Even if you’re a client of another SEO company, we welcome you to come and learn what your current SEO agency may not be telling you.

Please stay tuned for more information on the launch of our in-house SEO course.

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