The Sights of San Diego Startup Week (SDSW)

To continue delivering effective SEO services, one of the most important things we can do for our clients is to stay informed. Keeping up with current technology, as well as staying on top of emerging trends and patterns, helps us get the results you want. This means we need to put ourselves out there and meet with the industry’s best and brightest. We attended San Diego Startup Week (SDSW) this month for this very reason.

Our VP of Business Development, Sergio Stephano, headed out to SDSW to see what the word was. “SDSW is a hub for San Diego’s most thriving, innovative tech companies,” Stephano says. “It’s so great to have a central, focused event that’s dedicated to the success of local businesses.”

As San Diego’s premier search engine optimization company, it is our goal to deliver top search engine rankings to our clients, wherever they may be located. We have found time and again that the best way to serve them comes from understanding where they’re coming from. Many of our clients happen to be local San Diego businesses, so it was just a matter of attending the SDSW event and learning as much as we could.

What we learned at SDSW reinforced much of what we already knew, but we did learn a few new, exciting things about the tech industry. Here’s what we saw.

San Diego Startup Week (SDSW) saw a gathering of San Diego's most innovative tech companies.

What We Saw at San Diego Startup Week

San Diego is quickly becoming the new “place to be” in the tech industry. Some are even calling San Diego the next Silicon Valley. The robust 5-day event of SDSW, as well as the 100% increase in attendance this year, supports this claim.

SDSW kicked off with the keynote speech by Mark Suster, one of LA’s most prolific venture capital investors. He’s responsible for kicking off the booming startup scene in LA, and now has his sights set on helping San Diego do the same.

We had the pleasure of listening to Mark Suster, a prominent LA entrepreneur, give the keynote speech at SDSW.

Featuring over 125 events over its five days, SDSW offered a staggering amount of information to intake. To organize this info better, SDSW had several “tracks” event-goers could follow to optimize what they learned.

We spent a lot of time on the Growth track, which focused on marketing, sales, and overall building a business beyond its limits. At SEO Inc., we’re always looking to grow, and having our clients grow with us is excellent for everyone.

We found some useful takeaways from these seminars that you’ll no doubt love just as much as us:

“Happy customers are your best salespeople.”

You should know by now that merely putting out a good product isn’t enough. The power of reviews and referrals outweighs just about anything you can do to boost your brand. Not to say people don’t trust a good product when they see one, it’s just that when they hear it from friends (or even from review stars online), they see that as a sign of trust and honesty.

SDSW had 10 tracks that attendees could follow, with seminars focusing on sales development, social connections, and even craft beer.

“Data tracking is critical to systematizing your sales process.”

It’s one thing to close deal after deal, and another thing entirely to know how you’re doing it. Backing up proven sales methods with cold, hard data makes the whole process not only easier but more transparent. You can understand what you’re doing right so that you can integrate it into a structured, organized sales machine. And that’s an opportunity for growth all on its own.

Get SEO Services for San Diego Success

There was so much more we learned over the week. (more than, just a single blog can contain!) But now that it’s over, we’re already looking forward to next year’s SDSW.

In the meantime, we’d like to do our part and give back to the great community we’re part of.

“It’s clear from everything we saw at SDSW this year that the San Diego startup community will only continue to grow,” says Stephano. “We at SEO Inc. got our start here, and we’ve delivered quality SEO services to local businesses for over 20 years. Now we’d like to help usher in the new generation.”

“We’re offering a free SEO audit for any San Diego-based startup to help you gain prominence and an edge over your competition.”

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Did you see our VP of Business Development, Sergio, at SDSW last week?

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