[Infographic] How to Decrease Your Site’s Bounce Rate

[Infographic] Decrease Your Site’s Bounce Rate

If you’re into reading the analytics for your site, you know that not all those pretty green numbers showing increases are good things. Sure, you love seeing organic traffic on the rise (especially that of the non-branded variety), and the average time spent on the site. But take a closer look at all those figures that are in the green: Do you see the numbers corresponding to Bounce Rate? Yeah, it’s right there. And it’s a number you don’t necessarily want to see in a positive light, even though it’s how Google relays the information in Analytics.

A higher bounce rate essentially means that people are coming to a certain landing page on your site, most likely your homepage, seeing what’s going on there, and bouncing off quickly without visiting another page on the site. The lower your bounce rate means the more engagement and exploring is going on by visitors. A higher bounce rate, conversely, means that people are viewing that one page and leaving. “But why are they leaving? My site is radical! They’d be fools to not check out each and every page on my site!” Well, it’s great that you have that kind of confidence, but unfortunately, there is something wrong. Luckily all hope is not lost, and there are certain tips and tricks you can employ to decrease your bounce rate, increase the level of on-site engagement, and keep visitors to your site around a great deal longer.

Bounce rate is something we take seriously here at SEO Inc., as we aim to not only drive traffic to our clients’ website, but keep those visitors around for a long time (Editor’s note: A “long time” in Internet speak is a relative term given our ADD-riddled society and not being able to focus long on any one thing.) This is why we are always figuring out ways to decrease bounce rates and make sure visitors take in the full magnitude of what is being offered to them. So imagine our excitement when we found this brand-spankin-new infographic from the minds at Quicksprout that highlights the ever-important topic: How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate.



Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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