The Number of Hacked Websites is Increasing. What Can You Do?

“The number of hacked websites is increasing. What can I do?”

Google has recently stated that there has been a 180% increase in hacked sites over the course of 2015. From this, we, and webmasters across the world, have to ask what can be done to avoid a website hack.

The answer – not much.

Apart from obeying the Google Webmaster Guidelines, you can follow all the rules and still find yourself the victim of a website hack. The numbers show us it’s pretty much inevitable. While Google continues to provide us with tools and better communication to help our hacked websites recover, the truth is you may have to take a more proactive approach beyond the norm.

Follow the Webmaster Guidelines and Follow Up

Of course, following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is something everyone should do. Why? Because it becomes all the more apparent when a hacker does something that violates the Guidelines and earns you a Manual Penalty.

On the blog, Google gives an example of cloaking as a hack that puts your website in the red zone. Although Google’s “Note from your reviewer” provides you with details of the hack that are specific to your site, most times these notes won’t tell you what you need to do to fix it. And your reconsideration request will still be rejected!

You’ll have to refine your reconsideration request form to make sure it’s right this time around.

Automated Reconsideration Requests

Google’s blog also confirmed that they will be handling some reconsideration requests automatically. This feature is currently in beta testing, where they look for a specific set of requirements: “if Google sees a ‘Hacked site’ manual action under ‘Partial matches,’ and our systems detect that the hacked content is no longer present, in some cases we will automatically remove that manual action.”

Although the specifics to getting the penalty removed are still unknown, it’s heartening to at least know that that takes a little of your plate when removing a website hack.

However, Google adds one more detail: “We still recommend that you submit a reconsideration request if you see any manual actions.” So basically, even though the technology allows for automated penalty removal, it’s not a sure-fire service yet. You still need to know how to get rid of the hack yourself.

Get Your Website Hack Removed Now

Although the number of websites hacked today is increasing, the good news is that Google is listening. They are constantly taking feedback and refining their own tools and services to make the Internet a better place and reduce that ever-present list of recently hacked websites.

Except in many cases, listening isn’t good enough. You need a more results-oriented solution that will get results – mainly, results that will get your website hack removed and your site back online. And for that, you need the pros.

Call direct at 760-444-9224 or contact us for immediate assistance in getting your manual action removed.

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