Pics from the Google Partners Summit! Day 1

Just a quick update from the Google Partners summit. We’ve snapped a few pics of the goings-on just to give you an idea of what it’s all about. Enjoy!

Scenes from the Summit

We announced our attendance to the Google Partners Summit earlier last week, and we’re happy to report everything’s going as well as we’d hoped. We’ve gotten to see some interesting data from the mouths of Google themselves.

A slideshow of data from the Google Partners Summit entitled "Cross-device Conversion Benchmarks."

This one’s all about the differences between retail and travel conversion benchmarks. Interesting how search doubles once people are on the go.

Google's Ray Kurzweil, standing against a slideshow screen that says, "Organizing the World's Information."

We’re getting to hear firsthand from Google’s Ray Kurzweil, a man described as “the rightful heir to Thomas Edison.” We’ve been looking forward to hearing him speak since the being invited to the Google Partners Summit, and we’re sure to learn a thing or two about where the “World’s Information” is headed straight from the genius himself.

Slideshow from the Google Partners Summit entitled "The Law of Accelerating Returns." The rest of it reads, "An analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common sense "intuitive linear" view.

We’ll be sharing more as the Google Partners Summit goes on, so be sure to tune into our blog for more info!

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