SEO Inc. to Attend 2015 Google Partners Summit

SEO Inc. has been invited to attend the 2015 Google Partners Summit that runs from September 30th to October 1st. The event is invite-only, which means other select executives from leading companies and we will get to spend some quality time with each other and with Google learning how to improve our PPC and SEO services.

We’re looking forward to seeing what we can learn from the Google Partners summit!

What’s Happening at the Google Partners Summit

Google has a lot in store for us. The two-day agenda they’ve shared with the other Google premier partners, and us has us eagerly counting down to the day.

Over the summit’s two days, Google experts will share their perspectives on key industry trends and offer us insights into the latest advertising strategies. Google will also showcase the latest and most exceptional Google AdWords products that are on the way in 2016. We’ll also get to share feedback to let the King of Search Engines know what’s working for us. Leading the discussions and executive forums will be Google luminaries such as:

  • Allan Thygesen – Vice President, Global SMB Sales, and Operations at Google
  • Ray Kurzweil – Director of Engineering at Google
  • Bob Dillon – Director, Agency Sales, North America at Google
  • Bickey Russel – Head of Agency Development at Google

This is only a summary of the events to come. With so much to learn and see at the summit, there’s no better time to be a Google Partner.


What We’re Excited to Learn

We’re beyond ecstatic to learn from not only Google itself but from some of the industry’s greatest minds, especially Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering. Described as the “rightful heir to Thomas Edison” and a “restless genius,” we’re looking forward to hearing what he has to say about paid media.

We’re also looking forward to engaging with the Google Partner network, comprised of other C-level executives and leaders, to share our experiences and knowledge. This is a unique opportunity to meet our peers face to face and discuss how they continue to leverage Google’s data and insights to gain new business in this continually growing and fierce industry we’re in. This will include sharing how we both massage sales leads through the pipeline in a way that results with paying and returning customers.

The unique insights we plan on learning from the summit we could not get by working alone. Being put into a collaborative environment with other industry pros should provide us with a truly enriching experience we can’t wait for.

Google HQ, Here We Come!

With so much to look forward to, the 30th of September can’t come soon enough. This event isn’t for those who regularly ask the question, “What is SEO?” but instead is for executives in the top of their field. Those of us who periodically pass the Google Partners exam and become Google certified every year know it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends. Even more importantly, we want to know what search engine optimization services others are working with to succeed in the fast-paced SEO world.

We’re thrilled to have been handpicked from the list of Google Partners to attend the Summit, and we’re even more excited to meet and talk with our peers. We’re sure to have some exciting search engine optimization and paid search insights to share once we come back, so be sure to keep an eye on our blog to find out how the summit went!

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