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Check Mobile-Friendliness with Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Test API

Google has announced the release of a mobile-friendly test API. The test API will allow webmasters to automate their mobile-friendliness checks rather than check for it manually. Google has provided samples to help webmasters get started with the test API.

The API is currently running in beta in Search Console. Users may try out the API for themselves in their internet browser, on the command line, or they can get started with their own client application.

Google's new test API automates mobile-friendliness checks.

Mobile-Friendly Test API vs. Manual Test

The API will supplement the manual Mobile-Friendly test, which webmasters may still use to check the mobile-friendliness of their webpages. Google says the API method “runs all tests, and returns the same information – including a list of blocked URLs – as the manual test.”

The test API will allow for more timely mobile-friendly checks. In turn, issues can be resolved more quickly.

Google provides an example: the mobile-friendly test API can help webmasters track important pages. If changes are made to the templates of these pages, leading to a loss of mobile-friendliness, the test API would alert the webmaster to the chance without having to manually run the test.

Webmasters may use the samples here to get started. Samples are available for Java, JavaScript, and Python. Go, PHP, and Ruby are listed but currently have no examples.

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