The Next Step Toward Greatness: Garry Grant, CEO of SEO Inc., to Run Carlsbad Half Marathon

Garry Grant, CEO of SEO Inc., to run the Carlsbad Half Marathon

How will you challenge yourself this year in the pursuit of greatness?

For Garry Grant, founder and CEO of SEO Inc., the answer lies at the finish line of a half marathon. The Carlsbad Marathon takes place this Sunday and presents a unique opportunity for the search engine veteran.

“I’m not looking to win,” says Grant. “Unlike how I work at SEO Inc., where I aim to overcome every challenge completely, my goal for the marathon is to push myself mentally and physically to new, greater heights.”

Grant founded SEO Inc., a San Diego SEO company, in 1997. Together with an evolving team of digital marketing experts, Grant has directed the SEO strategies for Fortune 500 companies such as SC Johnson, McAfee,, IGN, and Sony to pursue top search engine rankings and organic traffic.

“I see my participation in the Carlsbad Marathon similarly to how I work at SEO Inc.,” Grant says. “I’m relentless in getting results for our clients and improving the business. I do this by keeping a clear goal in mind every step of the way and setting the right pace. I’m confident this same logic will give me the strength and endurance I need to succeed during the race.”

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Garry Grant and the Challenge Ahead

Many consider the marathon, with its gentle, rolling course and no notable changes to elevation, to be among the finest in the country. However, the marathon still requires a demanding total of 13.1 miles before runners can grasp victory. Despite this, Garry Grant knows what he wants out of the experience.

“All business owners face challenges daily,” Grant says, “but whether or not you overcome all of them is irrelevant. What’s important is that you try. I’ve been confronted by numerous challenges in my 20+ years in the SEO industry, but we’re still here. You’d better believe we’ll be doing all we can to be here for another 20!”

The Carlsbad Half Marathon begins at 7:45 AM at The Shoppes in downtown Carlsbad and continues up Pacific Coast Highway. Runners will have a spectacular ocean view, and perks such as a swag bag and complimentary Ballast Point beer will be provided upon finishing the marathon.

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