Facebook Now Lets Admins See Who is Posting From a Company Page

See Who is Posting from a Facebook Company Page

Do you manage your company’s Facebook profile? Suppose you’re running social media campaigns and posting on your company’s behalf. In that case, you know better than anyone the importance of keeping your posts and content consistent with your brand voice and mission. However, not everyone within the walls of your business might know this as well as you. If there has ever been a slip-up with almost no one to blame for the oversight and error, Facebook now has an answer.

Facebook has now included a handy function to let a company’s page admins see who posted what and when. The mystery is gone, and with it, the errant posts, perhaps sent out accidentally or hastily.

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This new function from Facebook works whether you’re posting directly to Facebook or using third-party apps. And while this information will only appear starting February 20, 2014, moving forward, Facebook hopes this will cut down on mishap posts and place clear ownership to posts and comments left on your page by other admins.

If you’re running a Facebook page with many admins, you know how frustrating it can be when you work your tail off to run a successful runner, and out of nowhere, a post gets published that derails your hard work.

Let’s face it, as your company’s primary Social Media Coordinator / Specialist / Strategist / Analyst / Manager, you know better than perhaps anyone else in the company what is best for the life of your social media presence. Facebook is making your life easier with this new feature, helping you to be a better real-time marketer and manager of the page.

This won’t stop you or anyone from posting irrelevant content to your company’s Facebook profile, but it will help put a name and face to the activity on the page. Because when Jim from Accounting updates the page with a status wrought with misspellings and grammatical errors in the middle of the night because he “gets this whole social media thing,” you can calmly walk into his office the following day and be all, “WTF, Jim. I don’t come here and update the books because I took basic math, so please stay off the company Facebook page just because you own a computer.”

Psh…. Jim.

Pro Tip: Manage your page admins, anyway. Chances are, before you got hired, there were people made admins of the page just because. Keep Social Media practices to the professionals.

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