PPC Management Training At Google HQ AdWords Boot Camp

PPC, like SEO, is an ever-changing beast. It isn’t content to just sit there; effective PPC management for campaigns of all sizes requires constant care and maintenance. For those who live and breathe pay-per-click, like us, we’re always looking for opportunities to reinforce what we know, as well as to learn the most emerging trends and strategies. PPC Management works extremely well when combined with advanced SEO Services.

So when Google invited us to attend their special AdWords boot camp training session, we of course accepted. Our paid search team headed out to Mountain View, CA for Google’s specialized Account Manager’s Specialist Training, where two days of all-things AdWords awaited.

Let’s kick it into high gear; here’s what we learned and saw!

PPC Management Training At Google HQ AdWords Boot Camp
This is how you get around Google HQ.

Brushing Up on the Basics

With PPC management, there are certain basic tenets that, no matter how much things change, will always be useful to any given campaign. Initial actions like research and planning must occur before later steps (keyword analysis, strategy, etc.) can take place. The early steps are prioritized, or else there won’t be a solid foundation behind the plan—and the campaign can fall apart.

Bottom line: There’s value in going back to the basics. We’ve been doing this stuff for just about 20 years, but even we know how important it is to return to those cornerstone lessons. There’s always something you can learn, like how you need to step up your Meme Game:

Google's meme game is strong at the AdWords boot camp we attended. Keeping in-the-know of things like this (yes, even memes) can actually help develop effective ads!
Very dedication. Much Post-It. Wow.

The Nitty Gritty

Of course, you don’t get invited to Google without getting some in-depth training. We received specific training on how to bring all-star PPC management to multiple types of shopping campaigns, from large advertising enterprises to small business eCommerce websites. Working with different scales and levels of business is essential to building solid plans based on companies’ unique needs.

We also got hands-on help with display ads and YouTube. These are among the hottest new types of advertising, and to get Google’s assistance and feedback (as well as provide a little feedback of our own) was a great opportunity to fine-tuning these tools so they’re the most use to clients.


PPC can’t happen without people. Think about it: Users need to physically click on an ad for the ad to generate a lead. Keywords are shown from the actual terms people are looking up. Ads can be built around current events, phrases, and images that can resonate with people and influence them to click.

Yessiree—people are important to PPC, and Google understands this. That’s why they invited other PPC teams from a number of digital marketing agencies to the boot camp. Together we spent the days discussing AdWords and collaborating to better understand the tools we work with every day.

As we said, there’s always something more to learn. What better way to do it than as a group?

At AdWords boot camp, you see forward-thinking stuff like this table and floating chairs.
This was the site of many a progressive discussion, like “Who the heck thought this thing up?”

Now’s your chance to receive comprehensive PPC management for your digital ad campaigns. As Google partners, selected and trained by Google themselves, SEO Inc. can help bring your business to a wider audience. Let’s work together to discover your needs and show how we can exceed them!

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