Adding a Press Page and a News Page to Your Website

You never want to appear too congratulatory, you know? Especially not on your own website. Sure, you can talk about your products until the cows come home on your product pages. And even on your blog, feel free to mention your awesome services from time to time. But say you were reading the blog for, oh, Pizza Hut, and every single blog post on their interactive section of the site only had to do with, “WE GOT MENTIONED HERE!” and, “WE HAD A PRESS RELEASE GO LIVE WE’RE SO KEWL!” Well, that blog would get mighty boring mighty quick. You know where news-worthy content and press releases need to live, so say it with us, the Press Page and / or the News Page on your site.

Adding a Press Page to Your Site

The News & Press page is where you should post your accolades, mentions, and press releases, keeping your blog free from the arm that pats yourself on the back. Now, I must stress, patting yourself on the back is not a bad thing whatsoever. It’s just, like in life, there’s a time and a place for it. And the time is whenever it happens. The place is the News & Press page.

The News Versus the Press Release

Do you remember when Huffington Post mentioned you in that article? Or what about TechCrunch singing your graces over all other industry leaders? That’s news, friend! Those are tidbits reserved for either your News page or news section of your News and Press page. Not only will this make you look like an industry pro overnight, it will also assist in developing link networks via organic link building. This usually happens with smaller publications, as HuffPo and TechCrunch keep their sites clean. But hey, a good mention is a good mention and there’s is no harm in linking to that good mention.

Now Press Releases are your public mentions of your own company. “Duh, Will.” Just clarifying, bro. Keep your Press Releases in a separate section, or on another page. This is accurate and complete documentation of where your business has been and gives site visitors a recap of what has happened when. Plus it keeps your press release immortal! (insert evil laugh.) Pretty much anything posted to the Internet is immortal, yes. Ask any congressman that… But posting your press releases to your own site only furthers the release’s reach, and adds to brand association around good news.

Press Page on SEO Inc

The thing about this page on your site is it acts somewhat like a blog, depending on how often you’re mentioned and how many press releases you do*. It allows you to keep even more content fresh, which we’ve learned is only a good thing, and helps build your links.

One thing to mention here, though from an above sentiment: If Pizza Hut actually had blog posts with titles and content akin to “WE GOT MENTIONED HERE!” and, “WE HAD A PRESS RELEASE GO LIVE WE’RE SO KEWL!” I would have been subscribing yesterday. But that’s just good writing.

*Please keep your press releases to actual news-worthy events. Google hates it when they see press releases every single day from companies. And you know it’s best not to get on the Google’s crap list.

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