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The CEO Corner: Make a New Year’s ReSEOlution

CEO Corner with Garry Grant

Welcome to the CEO Corner. Join us as we offer up important SEO tips, tricks, and best practices direct from the mind of the CEO, Garry Grant.

Make a New Year’s <ReSEOlution>

If you made a New Year’s resolution this year, chances are you’ve chosen to work on you.  Whether self-improvement, getting fit, or generally living a healthier lifestyle, you’ve taken a look in the mirror and decided to step it up a notch. And that’s great. Never too late to start living well, is it? While you focus on your body and mind, take a minute to consider your website’s health too. After all, you and your site are not as different as you may think.

You don’t just hop into a set of running shoes and beat Usain Bolt to a footrace. And you can’t just say, “I want good SEO,” and you got it. SEO is your site’s metabolism, strength, durability, and awareness all wrapped into one. But it needs to be worked out so your site can perform at record highs.

Make a <reSEOlution> with our SEO routine.

Recognize the Issue
You have your website, and you’ve stocked it with some content and other good stuff, but no one is visiting it. What gives??

Sorry to say this, but your site is out of shape and needs a little work.

Not to worry. It’s fixable.

Set Your Goal
Set Your Goal
Once you’ve taken that long, hard look in the mirror (computer screen) and see that you (your site) is in need of some work, set your course for success and decide what you want. Are you in need of higher rankings in search engines?  Are you looking for more visitors? Want more sales? Do you want your content to be shared, ultimately making you an expert and valuable source in your particular field? Want to build your social media game?

The answer to most of these questions should be, “yes.” And that’s good. It’s not lofty. It’s realistic.

Develop Your Routine
You could just blindly work out your SEO without knowing what you’re doing. But then you’re just the guy at the gym using the equipment wrong. It’s best to know what you’re doing when you begin.

Luckily, there are resources for you. Much like a personal trainer will help you sculpt your bod and finish the race, an SEO expert can help get your website to the top.

Get to it
Put your goals into action. Enlist the help of an SEO pro to guide you through the steps of transforming your site into the reigning champ of the Internet. Your site will start to develop strengths it never knew it had.

Decent keywords? Check. Relatively good content? Check. A few regular visitors? Check. Decent search engine rankings for a couple of different, specialized terms? Check.

When you work out your SEO, you’ll start to see these features of your site come alive. But it’s in taking the next steps; working those strengths, honing your keywords, which the true test of a champion occurs.

Keep At It
Results take time. Just like a 6-pack doesn’t happen overnight, your website will need a bit to go from zero to hero. But be patient, keep working hard, follow your routine, and in time, you’ll see the results you want to see.



Set a PR and Keep Going
Did you just rank #1 for a relatively broad keyword because your site is firing on all cylinders? Yes you did. Break out the bubbly! Celebrate. That’s a pretty amazing feat.


… Now put down the champagne and get back to work.

It might seem like there’s an end to the SEO building, but in all honesty, it is never over. With the ever-changing search engine algorithms and more competitor sites popping up, you have to stay on top of your game now more than ever.

In the coming weeks we’ll go into detail on topics from Structured Data to Custom 404 Pages and much more.

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With over 20 years’ experience, Garry Grant is one of the premier experts in the fields of search engine optimization and the Internet. Garry has worked with some of the biggest names in Web properties on a number of levels and is acclaimed professional speaker and educator. He is a former member of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and has developed, along with senior team members at, a college credited syllabus including the class, titled “SEO & SEM: The Fast Track to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.”

On top of SEO talents, Garry has played guitar with Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Ritchie Sambora, Sly Stone, and Foghat and can be seen riding mountain bikes through Carlsbad and racing the SEO Inc. Sponsored Viper ACR.

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