Landy Awards for SEO Inc.!

The Landy Awards ceremony has come and gone. Although we did not receive the Landy Award for SEO Agency of the Year last night, we still had a ton of fun!

Garry Grant, our CEO, recounts the event:

“Danny Sullivan and the rest of Search Engine Land host a phenomenal conference over in NYC. We were honored to be part of the Landys and to join the large celebration of all things search marketing. I want to take this moment to thank Search Engine Land and the Landy Awards, as well as the other Agency of the Year finalists for making this such a memorable part of SEO Inc.’s history.”

SEO Inc. attended the 2016 Landy Awards and came away as a finalist for SEO Agency of the Year.
SEO Analyst Dalton Grant and CEO Garry Grant of SEO Inc., everybody!

SEO Inc. – “We’re still winners.”

We may not have won the Landy, but you won’t find any bitterness here. The positive energy surrounding the entire event helped us maintain our already optimistic attitudes, helping us look toward the future as well as look back and smile at how far we’d come.

“Do I think we deserved to win? If only to honor the amount of hard work our team does here. I have great respect and admiration for our current team, who are more like a family to me and each other. Supporting each other, sharing the load—that’s what makes a great SEO agency in my mind, and that’s what SEO Inc. does best.”

“So, no—we didn’t win the Landy Awards,” Grant says, “but we’re still winners.”

We at SEO Inc. were honored to spend time with our peers, enjoying the camaraderie and celebration. And to have been chosen as a finalist for SEO Agency of the Year is a great honor and feat in and of itself.

“Being chosen as one of five finalists means we’re one of the top SEO companies in the world. We’re honored to have achieved that, but you can bet that we’ll be aiming for SEO Agency of the Year 2017,” Grant says. “Count on it!”

SEO Inc. specializes in award-winning SEO services including search engine optimization, PPC management, social media marketing, link detox, and every other facet of digital marketing.

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