Optimizing Press Releases – Benefits of a Press Release

Press ReleaseMake the News. Be the News.

Millions of people across the globe get their news from top-ranking websites such as Google News, CNN, and the New York Times. You can join their ranks with professional press release writing services from SEO, Inc. We work with talented writers who know what it takes to write SEO-friendly press releases and blog posts that attract media attention. SEO-optimized press release writing will help increase your exposure to your target audience and engage readers, new and old, and help improve your brand visibility online.

We understand that not everyone knows how to write a press release or has time to do it.

When you hire SEO, Inc. to write press releases, we’ll not only write the actual press release; we’ll optimize it for you. And after we present you with an SEO-optimized press release, we can assist with distribution to ensure your new and exciting news spreads far and wide. With our work, you’ll be placed on all the top-ranking news websites, which puts you directly in front of numerous journalists looking for the latest stories and companies to write about.

We’ll work with you to write a press release you’re proud to have associated with your company. We’ll revise and rewrite until you’re happy with the final product. We start with your notes and raw thoughts and transform them into a beautifully written press release with the appropriate journalistic tone.

Optimized Press Releases: A Great Tool for SEO and Social Media

Including a press release is an often overlooked part of a successful SEO campaign, but a well-written press release can dramatically improve your results. Our PR team collaborates with your SEO account manager to ensure we understand your target audience while aligning the SEO press release strategy with the bigger-picture marketing goals. We’ll write content for your readers first and search engines second, creating content that engages your audience and still ranks well. We do this by focusing on what readers want to know and thoughtfully weaving the appropriate keywords throughout the content. Even though press releases follow a strict format, we can still accomplish your SEO goals with this style. Beyond your target audience, you’ll see the press releases we write for you also grab journalists’ and bloggers’ attention.

Benefits of Press Releases

  • Instant exposure – great for small businesses with limited budgets
  • Increased sales potential
  • Brand yourself as an industry expert
  • Increase website traffic – also good for SEO
  • Boost your overall SEO and brand awareness
  • More significant opportunities to reach your target audience
  • Allows you to build relationships with journalists
  • A cost-effective way to attract investors

Grab Attention and Drive Traffic With Our Press Release Writing Services

Are you offering a product or service? Grab your potential audience with engaging press release content writing, and managing an exhibit or trade show. Press release report drives traffic to your event with media coverage. Whatever your marketing goal, writing press releases give you a tangible return on your investment. We can help you achieve your dream with our online press release distribution.

SEO Optimized Press Release Reporting

Writing press releases is only part of our job here at SEO, Inc. After we write, optimize, and syndicate your press release, we track the results to ensure your company gets the best possible exposure. We track:

  • Online views – the number of times your SEO press release was viewed
  • Release postings – the number of known re-posts of your SEO press release by other websites
  • Media views – the number of times registered members of the media click and view your press release
  • SEO organic click-through
  • Referring sites
  • Geographic visibility

Our SEO-optimized press release methodology is designed to get you keyword visibility in all the top searches related to your industry, niche, product, or service. You’ll see an increase in visitors to your website and the number of leads willing to sign up for your newsletter, request more information about your offering, or make a purchase.

How We Make Sure People Find Your News

Submitting newsworthy, optimized press releases frequently to Newswires that syndicate across the Web keeps company visibility high. Writing press releases builds a reputation for continuous innovation and authority. SEO Inc. expertly optimizes your press release for your top search terms, so you can be found by more targeted visitors who are ready to buy your product or service.

Keep Your Company in the Spotlight

With a regular optimized press release syndication schedule from SEO Inc., we’ll ensure your company is always in the news. Our copywriting team works with you to determine the best ideas, news, and topics for press releases, then writes them using established press release writing and marketing techniques to guarantee optimal pickup from well-known news outlets.

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