Why Implement NoFollow Links?

Add NoFollow Links & Enjoy that Delicious Link Juice, Mmm...

1. The popular search engine optimization nofollow HTML attribute is the solution to what many believed to be a massive problem in the blogging community. In early 2005, Google’s Matt Cutts and blogger Jason Shellen designed the rel=“nofollow” attribute to assume the responsibility of stopping spammy blog comments made primarily to boost the link popularity of the person leaving the comment.

Here’s how it works: by adding rel=“nofollow” to a hyperlink, a page signals that search engines should not rank the hyperlink’s destination. The search engines see the nofollow tag in an HTML link but do not follow it, nor do they allocate link popularity to the destination page. Though many disputes about its effectiveness at stopping comment spam, the idea is that spammers will stop posting if the search engines stop giving page ranking credit.

2. Most SEO strategists recognize and embrace the nofollow attribute for its undeniable influence on authoritative link building and page ranking. Just as external sites linking to a company’s website provide “link juice” (page ranking credit) and assist with search engine ranking of the receiving site, outbound links from the company linking to other sites release “link juice” and assist their websites to rank in the search results.

In essence, the more links a business has pointing to their URL, and the fewer links pointing away from their URL, the better.  With Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search all agreeing to abide by the link relationship attribute, it only makes sense for company websites to preserve as much “link juice” as possible by adding the nofollow attribute to outbound links.

So, adding the rel=“nofollow” attribute to your website’s links can limit erroneous comments with ulterior motives from cluttering your site, while preserving the “link juice” you’ve earned.

If you’re still suspicious about the nofollow HTML attribute, understand that it is an essential and effective strategy of most SEO Consulting Services. Kudos to those already onboard!

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