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What’s New on the Google Webmasters Website

Yesterday, Google launched a new website portal for its Webmasters page. It’s better organized, and it looks cleaner and friendlier too. In addition to taking you to the Google Search Console home page, the Google Webmasters site also contains a staggering amount of documentation, all dedicated to helping the new or veteran webmaster. Take is from us at SEO Inc, this is a great starting point for search engine optimization information!

New features include:

How else will this new Webmasters portal help you run your site? Let’s take a look at the new organization.

“Get Support for Your Site”

The first category on the Google Webmasters site is all about site health. Here, you can learn all about the technical side of running a website—the things you can do to make your site better. This includes learning how to get your site indexed so it’s seen on Google, resubmitting your site so Google sees your updated content, or fixing hacked content.

“Learn to Make Great Sites”

This category shows you how to make a high quality, search-friendly website. If user experience is Google’s primary goal, then exploring this page is absolutely crucial. From SEO training tools to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, the new page is packed with useful resources.

“Stay Connected and Updated”

Google wants you to join the community on Google+, Twitter, and the Webmaster Help Forum, and subscribe to the Google Webmasters blog. Links to each profile and resource are provided on this page, giving you a great jumping-off point to join any of the conversations. And believe us, it’s a good idea to—staying informed keeps you up to date on any changes.

Modernizing the Google Webmasters site to look appealing and unassuming was a good move. And with the new resources at their disposal, webmasters all over the world will no doubt learn more about how to meet Google’s standards and make their sites better for users. Which is what this is all about, right?

Thanks, Google!

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