[Infographic] Keyword Research: The Basics

[Infographic] Keyword Research

If you look it up, a “keyword” is quite literally a word that is a key. (Talk about the literal meaning of compound words. Thanks, grade school teachers.) Now, if you take this definition of “keyword” and apply it to your SEO strategy, you will understand 100% why keywords are of the utmost importance to your website. Think of a keyword as, well, an actual key. So you give this keyword to a friend of yours and tell him to find your house. Your house is on Google St. which contains only a billion+ other houses, but this keyword will unlock the one house on the block with everything and anything he is looking for. The best part is, all your friend has to do is shout the word from the end of the street and suddenly, your house illuminates and they find their way to you. (Yes, this is a cheap and rudimentary “search-bar-to-search-results comparison, but it works.) When your friend finds your site, he will undoubtedly be ecstatic, tell his friends, invite more people over, and eventually, blow your spot up as the coolest place in town. And isn’t that really what SEO is all about? You are the party. We just want to bring the people to the party.

That said, you want the best keywords that will drive the most targeted traffic to your website. After all, the more people seeking the information your website provides, the more apt they will be to share the awesome information you have, thereby driving even more people to your site. It’s a domino effect. But if you don’t have the targeted keyword to topple the first domino, you sit stagnant. So let’s take a look at the following infographic, shall we? It’s a nice little overview of keyword research, how to go about it, and why it’s so important for your website. Infographic by PoweredbySearch

Keyword Research: The Basics 2014 #infographic
Get it? Basically, figure out what keyword(s) you want to be found for, check out the search volume for these keywords, implement them as our URL keywords, write content around them, and wait for things to happen.

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