How Much Will SEO Services Cost in 2023?

SEO Services in 2023: How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. It’s also complex work that requires a range of skills, from technical to analytical, to make the most of results. Results could vary the fortune of your business, improving its online visibility, increasing traffic, and contributing to revenues by about 45%, according to BrightEdge research. So an investment in this digital marketing strategy is crucial to the growth of your business.
But how much should you invest? And what kind of prices can you expect to pay for SEO Services in 2023?

What is the Average Cost for SEO Services?

SEO doesn’t have a standard price; different SEO Agencies offer different prices, usually in varying pricing models. However, on average, the cost of SEO services starts at about $100 to $500 for hourly rates and about $1,000 to over $100,000 for monthly rates.

So even when you’re working with a limited budget, your company can still invest in professional SEO through hourly pricing models. If you’re looking to try out an agency to see what they can do, ask about an ala carte pricing wherein you pay only for one type of service. For example, maybe you need to build up your blog but have no writers, get content creation. Or if you’re trying to rank for a specific geographic location (if you have a brick-and-mortar store that makes most of its sales from foot traffic, for example), then you should concentrate on services that benefit local SEO, like Google Business Profile optimization and citation building.

The basic idea is that solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, or companies with minimal marketing budgets can afford search engine optimization services. But, of course, what you’ll pay will depend on your business goals, competition, and the state of your website, among other elements influencing the rate of professional services.

SEO Pricing 2023

SEO Pricing and Factors that dictate price.

The complexity or simplicity of the optimization job has a bearing on the price. For example, monthly SEO rates for an e-commerce site with an international market will likely be higher than for a services website with a local market. This is because an e-commerce website will potentially have hundreds of pages, whereas a services website will have just a few. More pages to optimize means more work and significant technical requirements for e-commerce sites.

Apart from the scale and complexity of the website, the following factors also influence the price of SEO services:


Some industries are highly competitive, so the keywords relevant to these businesses will likely be harder to break. However, brands that have established their presence and other companies that have been doing consistent optimization work will occupy the best real estate on search engine results pages (SERPs).

So the SEO agency will have to exert more effort and spend more resources to meet your goals, increasing the price of the service.


SEO goals are more than about ranking on the SERPs; some businesses acquire services to:

·         Rebrand their websites

·         Boost traffic to new pages

·         Increase conversions of organic traffic

·         Strengthen domain authority

·         Build a high-quality backlink profile

·         Decrease bounce rate

·         Improve visitor time on page

Any of these goals will require varying levels of time, resources, and expertise to complete, affecting pricing. Some SEO work may also be more extensive, like fixing the speed, accessibility, and stability of the web pages, before further optimization work can be done. That means improving the Core Web Vitals score of the site first.

Urgency of results

If your marketing goals are tied to a short timeline, the SEO price may differ from a manageable deadline to get results. Urgency requires more time and specialists, so you’ll likely pay more.

SEO Pricing by Agency

What you expect to pay for SEO services isn’t just dependent on your requirements, industry, and whether you must see results in less than a year. The SEO company also factors in the price because some agencies will have more expertise and specialization than others.

Agencies with more resources and bigger teams with marketing specializations offer more capabilities. They may also be more established, which could mean higher SEO prices. SEO companies in highly technical industries have specialized skill sets, meaning premium prices.

Although high prices typically indicate expertise, more is needed to guarantee more significant results. Conversely, low prices may seem like you’re saving money but economizing now may cost you more in the future through poor SEO tactics that lose opportunities. Or worse, leave you with search engine penalties that drop your rankings and affect your online visibility.

The best SEO services shouldn’t be based solely on the price.

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What to Look for in an SEO Company

Instead of using the price to guide your decision, choose based on the value your business will be getting. How do you choose your SEO agency?

Consider the following:

Working relationship

The idea behind hiring an agency is to save yourself the stress of doing or managing the work. So when you consult with the SEO company, observe how they explain their services and how they relate to you. Are they transparent? Are they easy to talk to and patient with your every concern?

Then there’s the matter of how available they make themselves to your business. Again, this will not be apparent in the initial consultation, so look at client testimonials.

Client experiences

Although you can read (or watch, on better websites) client testimonials on the SEO company’s website, it’s sometimes better to look them up on consumer platforms or review sites because a third-party source would not be biased.

Some agencies will have Google reviews so that you can check those. Others will be on platforms that act as intermediaries between customers and brands, like Clutch. Co,, or, providing authentic peer reviews.

Range of services

Not all SEO agencies will offer a complete range of optimization services. Others may focus more on content marketing, and a few may offer only local SEO. However, comprehensive SEO services would be ideal because they expand your marketing strategy and address your business needs.

But whether you go with a more specialized agency, all services must offer SEO audits because a strategy can only be formulated by learning what must be fixed first.

Customization of packages

Each business is unique, which means special SEO needs. Yes, agencies will have packages that include certain services, from content creation to link building. However, the ideal company can customize its packages to fit your SEO requirements.

Room for negotiation

A good SEO Company can work with you on your budget, leaving room for negotiation. So talk with the agencies, and see which ones may be willing to give you a rate outside their published prices.

The Contract

Finally, ask about the contract. If it’s going to lock you in long-term service, consider other options. Set clear performance goals so you know if your campaigns are progressing. If the agency, for example, isn’t delivering results after six months and you wish to make a change, you should have the ability to seek other services and not be forced to stay in a one- or two-year contract.

Choose Value Over Cost

SEO is complex work, with its ever-changing nature and demand for consistency. Although some optimization tasks may be done with online tools, using professionals may deliver better results. Moreover, it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run, freeing up more time to devote to growing your business.

Weigh your options carefully when shopping for optimization packages. Get multiple quotations, vet the agencies you want to work with, and track your campaigns to ensure you get what you paid for in SEO.

How Much Will SEO Services Cost in 2023?

SEO doesn’t have a standard price; different SEO Agencies offer different prices, usually in varying pricing models. However, on average, the cost of SEO services starts at about $100 to $500 for hourly rates and about $1,000 to over $100,000 for monthly rates.

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