Google Releases AMP Preview for Entire Search Results

Google has released a preview feature that shows how AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will look on an entire search results page. The preview shows AMP pages interwoven with regular, non-AMP pages. The AMP pages are signified by a small lightning bolt symbol and the acronym “AMP” in grey font. If a page is available in a”mobile-friendly” format and an AMP format, Google will serve the AMP page.

Previously, AMP had been limited to top news stories, which you could click on a scrolling banner at the top of the page. Now, AMP sees a “global adoption” that includes news, eCommerce, entertainment, travel, food recipes, and song lyrics sites. Google’s examples include a French toast recipe and song lyrics to Will Smith’s “Miami.”

What Google AMP Brings to Mobile Users

Google officially launched the AMP project back in February. The announcement reveals that over 150 million AMP documents are now a part of Google’s index, with 4 million added weekly. AMP pages implement streamlined code and are cached on local servers to provide fast loading times for mobile users.

Google clarifies that the preview shown is “not a ranking change for sites.” Google hopes to gain feedback from users when they make the feature “more broadly available later this year.”

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