We Want to See You in Manhattan for C3 2015!

C3 conference by Conductor in New York City

At SEO Inc., we’re always looking to stay on top of the search engine optimization game. This means that we won’t be far behind whenever there’s an opportunity to learn about the latest digital marketing trends and strategies.

While we’re sending some of SEO Inc.’s finest to Manhattan next week to see what we can learn, we are also eager to meet with any current clients or prospective clients who may need an advanced website and SEO services.

What is C3?

C3 is run by Conductor and will occur on Wednesday, October 28th, and Thursday, October 29th. Over those two days, SEO Inc. will be part of over 1250 attendees looking to hear from top industry leaders.

So what how is C3 different from other events?

C3 focuses on showing how to reach out to the consumer naturally. Driving this idea home are some of the most impressive brands and companies that users interact with every day. Honda, Under Armour, FedEx, Land’s End, Canon, Panasonic, and Black & Decker are just a few who are looking to learn more about connecting with their users in a meaningful way. Together, we’ll be hearing speakers from Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Microsoft, and more about how the industry has evolved – and where it’s going.

Look for SEO Inc. at C3!

Attending the show (and the VIP aircraft carrier after-party) will be SEO Inc.’s best and brightest:

  • Garry Grant, CEO
  • Arnaud Lemaire, SR VP of Sales
  • Sergio Stephano, VP of Business Development
  • Jay Dunigan, SR VP of Marketing

We look forward to hearing what people say about search engine optimization, paid media, and digital marketing at the C3 event. And even more so, we’ll be looking to tell you all about our SEO services at the VIP, invite-only after-party aboard the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier after each conference day.

SEO Inc., NYC, and You

Our mission has always been to stay at the forefront of our changing industry. We understand that digital marketing, SEO, and paid media aren’t written in stone. It’s organic, and it changes all the time. To be the best SEO company, you have to find out what is driving conversation. This month means flying out to Manhattan and putting our search engine optimization services out there, seeing if the SEO definition is a bit different there on the East Coast, and seeing who we can help.

If you are a current or prospective client who would like to talk with us at the after-party, please contact us. The party is VIP only, and we will invite only the first four inquiries we receive.

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