Best Times to Post on Pinterest that will help drive traffic!

Because Pinterest uses a Smart Feed to deliver content, not all Pins are seen when you post them. Quality is an essential part of the algorithm, which determines whether or not your Pin is added to the Smart Feed or the personalized feed you see in your account.

That said, Pinterest looks for signals of user engagement to rank your Pins, so if you’re posting content at times when it’s likely to get in front of your audience when they’re almost ready to engage with it, you’re telling Pinterest to show your content now, often, and to more users.

If your Pin doesn’t perform well because you post it at a wrong time, Pinterest learns that it’s probably not of good enough quality to show in the Smart Feed. If this happens often and repeats more often than not, then Pinterest adjust how it sees all of your content. Pinning at the right time isn’t just crucial to the success of the next Pin your queue, but for all of your future Pins, too.

It’s important to remember that Pinterest is a search engine in and of itself, so people can find Pins that we posted at any time with the search function. But, it’s more likely Pinterest will serve up Pins that are more popular, so by posting at the time of day that you get proper engagement, you’ll get that authority boost in the algorithm so your Pins will show up higher in those search results when users are looking for something.

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When’s the Best Time of Day to Pin?

The answer to this question depends largely on the source you consult. According to Fannit, the best time to Pin is between 8 pm and 11 pm and between 2 am, and 4 am EST. But, according to 10Alike, the best times to Pin are between 2 and 4 pm EST and 8 pm to 1 am EST.

On the flip side, you should avoid posting content when people are at work. The network seems to be the most popular when people are sitting down to watch TV during their free time in the evenings. It’s important to include a call to action on all your Pinterest descriptions, so people know what you want them to do once they click on it. While some people will repin it for later, some will go straight to your website for the source of the Pin.

 When’s the Best Day to Pin?

Data shows the best day to Pin, in general, seems to be Saturday. But, this largely depends on the topic behind the tweet.

Are Certain Topics Better for Certain Days?

Pinterest data shows that specific topics/niches do tend to perform better on certain days of the week.

  • Sunday: Food and crafts
  • Monday: Fitness
  • Tuesday: Gadgets and technology
  • Wednesday: Quotes
  • Thursday: Outfits
  • Friday: Gifts and humor
  • Saturday: Travel

What About the Best Timing for My Pins?

While you can use these as basic guidelines, it’s important to remember that your Pinterest audience is likely to be different from the generalized audience from these studies. It’s also vital to remember there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Pinterest. You’ll need to spend a lot of time experimenting and testing with your followers. Pinterest has some reasonably robust built-in analytics tools you can use to guide you, but if you’re willing to invest in tools, Tailwind not only improves upon native analytics data but also gives you the ability to schedule Pins in advance. As a bonus, it works with Instagram, too.

Ultimately, you should consider what time zone your audience is in, and whether or not you want to reach people in other time zones. Think about how your audience’s day is structured – and what they may be doing, and when they may be doing it. If you know the majority of your audience works a 9-5 job, don’t spend too much time pinning content during those hours.

Tips for Scheduling Your Pins

Consistently sharing is just as crucial for Pinterest as any of your other social media platforms. Spreading your pins out through the day is paramount to your success, since varying your timing will expose you to different segments of the Pinterest population. As such, you could quickly end up with more exposure, more repins, and more followers. The Smart Feed means you can pin anytime without overwhelming your audience, too. Aim for at least five pins per day, but don’t be afraid to go up to 30 pins per day if you have an extensive amount of content. Also, don’t be scared to repin some of your content to expose it to a new audience. Of course, trying to stick with a certain number isn’t an ideal approach for everyone. As long as you’re focusing on pinning quality content, you can do so as much as you have time to do.

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