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Basic SEO: As told through Arnold Schwarzenegger gifs

Thinking of an SEO campaign for your business? Well, congrats. You’ve just made the decision to step into a better world, and we’re here to help guide the way. Seeing as how this is the Internet, we thought we’d break down a few SEO basics with the help of our friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So, sit back, relax, and let Arnold school you on some SEO basics…

So you think you have a pretty sweet website. Good for you:

Arnold Gif

And your traffic numbers are great, and you’re not too concerned with where it’s coming from, so you’re feeling pretty good about that:

arnold and cats gif

All of a sudden, Google changes its algorithm again and starts penalizing sites with low-quality backlinks and duplicate content, among a number of other discrepancies…

Arnold Fake Smile Gif

Now, you’re left with virtually no traffic coming to your site, and you’ve been pretty much blackballed by Google. Thanks, Google:

Arnold Mad Gif

All might feel hopeless because getting rid of those nasty backlinks is a pain-staking task you’d wish upon no person:

Arnold Total Recall Gif

But if you’re going to get your site optimized for Google and other search engines again, you’ll have to get rid of what’s bringing your site down.

hasta la vista gif

Once the link removal process is started, the next step is getting to work on optimizing all the good content on your site. This is where strong keywords, apt title tags and meta descriptions, good 404 pages, and anchor text becomes priority. Further, take an extra step to get your site linked to from other quality sites for optimal search engine rankings.

Arnold Flex Gif

Once you have quality incoming links with specific keywords pointing at your site’s content, you’ll start to slowly see results as more relevant traffic starts taking notice of your site.

Arnold Pregnant Gif

Now you’ve got a strong website once again.

aronld pecs flex gif

The effort doesn’t stop there. You’ll have to keep your site updated regularly with fresh content to keep its performance optimal.

arnold commando gif

When you’re back in the good graces of Google and other search engines and have a plan to keep it that way, chill out for a second.

Arnold Freeze Gif

But always be on your toes for when you need to do it all over again.

And when all’s said and done, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get on board with an SEO campaign sooner.

These are just a few basics of an SEO campaign. For more best practices and other services and methods to drive more “good” traffic to your site, contact SEO Inc.

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