Inspiration from SEO Inc.’s CEO Garry Grant! Live from Oxi Fresh

When SEO Inc. was personally invited to attend one of our clients’ annual conventions last year, of course, we were honored to participate. What followed was a week full of fun in Blackhawk, CO, spent admiring our client’s hardworking franchisees.

But CEO Garry Grant didn’t fly out to show his support. He delivered the keynote speech! This was a great honor that Garry was more than happy to provide for our longtime client.

Our client, Oxi Fresh, is a large Inc. 500 company with franchises all across the United States and Canada. Our SEO services support their peerless brand to create a product their customers genuinely appreciate, and their franchises work hard to deliver daily.

Check out the highlight video here!

A Few Words from CEO Garry Grant

Garry’s part starts at 0:57 seconds. Here’s a transcription of the clip, in which Garry honors the enduring drive and determination of Oxi Fresh’s franchise employees:

“As you can probably see and are aware, they’re a technology-driven company. What Jonathon has put together is absolutely amazing. What one of our main mantras is ‘limitations are not in our DNA.’ When I face a limitation, I have to beat it; I have to overcome it. Right now, we’re in a really safe spot, a really great position, to accelerate and take flight and really change the dynamics of each one of your lives.”

“What I see is a group of people here, entrepreneur-spirited, Americans that are working hard to try and make a difference.”

That’s some exciting stuff!

SEO Inc. would like to extend a huge congratulations to our friends at Oxi Fresh. We hope this year is as successful as your last!

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