The day has finally come, Twitter, the fast growing social networking site, has just announced its first step towards monetization which is sure to become a part of many marketers social media advertising strategy . While there have been a few smaller deals on the side with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, this is the first move that will result in Twitter users being subjected to advertisements.

What are Twitter Promoted Tweets?

Twitter promoted Tweets will only appear in the Twitter search results. This is very similar to Google Adwords, which appear in the Google search results when an advertiser bids on a keyword a user is searching for.

What is interesting is the authority Twitter has given to the new advertisements. According to a post on Fast Company, when a Twitter user searches for a word being bid on, the advertisement will show up at the top of the results, even if it was written previous to the other Twitter posts.

Twitter Promoted Tweets Impact on SEO

Now let’s think about that for a second. What implications will this have on Google Caffeine? If these new promoted Tweets always arrive at the top of the query, will they be the first to appear in Google Caffeine which so heavily indexes Twitter posts? Something to think about… There are many people out there right now trying to find new ways to optimize for Caffeine, this may be a new answer.

But to get back to the subject, there is more you should know about this new Twitter search engine optimization development. Here is a couple interesting tidbits from the breaking story:

–        The promoted posts will appear in small type.

–        Twitter promoted Tweets will turn yellow when rolled over with a cursor.

–        Best Buy, Virgin America, Bravo, and Starbucks are the first to test this new advertising medium.

A very valid point is continually being made regarding promoted Tweets. We all know that there are often negative comments on Twitter surrounding businesses; now business will be able to put their best foot forward. If a business advertises on their branded keyword, their promoted Tweet will appear first in the search results, allowing them to get their message to the consumer.

So now that promoted Tweets are here, it will be interesting to see how they perform. With so much spam already on Twitter, users may take a strong dislike to the sudden influx of advertisements, or TweetAds – That’s what they should have called them at least.

What are your thoughts on Twitter promoted Tweets? Do you like the move by Twitter?

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