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Streaming Video, Blogging, Flickr, AJAX, Dynamic Flash – these and other buzzwords have become increasingly prominent in website development with sites all over the internet showcasing the Web 2.0 web development technologies associated with them. Unfortunately, the majority of developers out there do not know how to balance search engine-friendly content with a stunning presentation. At SEO Inc., our web development techniques ensure high visibility and traffic first, then build an engaging user experience on top of that foundation.

If you are in the initial stages of building your website, you are in the perfect position for SEO-friendly website design and development. Building on an SEO foundation from the beginning is ideal in web design and development and will make any website development updates more manageable in the future. If you have a functioning website that’s been up for several years, it’s not too late for website development, however. Whatever the goals of your web presence – perhaps it’s solely e-commerce, lead generation, or just loads of traffic – we have an expert team of web design and web development professionals that can implement web design and development to attract customers, give them a great experience, and turn their interest into your revenue.

Web Development Services:

Our web developers have dozens of years of combined experience working with a wide variety of programming languages, database technologies, and computer hardware. Whether you’re interested in adding a blog, building a contact form, or redesigning your entire web presence, we can work with you and your technical team to provide a website development solution that will seamlessly integrate into your current site architecture and technology. We are website development experts in the following fields:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS3
  • HTML and HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • XML

Our team also has developed on a variety of platforms including:

  • Drupal Development
  • Wordpress Development
  • Magento Development
  • Zen Cart
  • Ubercart
  • OSCommerce
  • Yahoo Store
  • Joomla
  • And many more

Our Web Development Works

Our website development clients receive top-notch service from our website development department, and our results speak for themselves. From kickoff to launch, we strive to bring our clients an experience second to none.

What Is SEO Web Development?

Many companies embark upon website development projects only to find that their site’s architecture prevents them from taking full advantage of their SEO campaigns. We pride ourselves in offering search engine-friendly website design and development that not only engages the user but meets your company’s SEO goals. Find Out More

Search Engine-Friendly Web Design and Development

While optimizing an existing site structure can produce incredible results, it may not always be enough to propel you to the top. But SEO-friendly website design and development from SEO Inc. CAN help. We analyze every aspect of web design and development from file structure to table-less design all the way to content placement, so we can help you provide both positive user experience and put the proper information directly in the search engines’ paths.