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SEO Web Development

Pay Attention to Site Structure

While optimizing an existing website architecture can improve indexing and produce incredible results, it may not always be enough to propel you to the top. At SEO Inc., we analyze every aspect of web design, from file structure to implementing clean markup, using table-less design, all the way to content placement, so we can help you with SEO web development that provides both positive user experience and puts the proper information directly in the search engines’ paths.

What is SEO Web Development?

A lot of people use the term "search engine-friendly" web design, but most people don't fully understand what it means. Most assume that it means getting keywords into the URLs, but it is so much more, and every step that is taken improves your website's ability to get search engine visibility.

  1. Easily crawlable pages
  2. Clean Markup
  3. The position of essential rankings elements in the code
  4. The naming of images themed with targeted keywords
  5. URL structure that supports keyword
  6. URL taxonomy that creates hubs of content to support top keyword themes
  7. Effective use of content
  8. Ability to easily add other essential SEO elements

Pitfalls to Avoid

Here are some top SEO website development tips to help you avoid many of the common mistakes people make while trying to develop a website:

1. Poor Web Site Construction

Let’s say you were building an earth-friendly, “green” house. You would want good insulation to reduce energy costs and maybe larger windows or solar lights to increase solar energy usage. This would entail good construction from the very beginning. The same goes for web development and SEO. Good SEO requires a solid foundation, so don’t take any shortcuts when constructing your website.

2. Lack of Content/Inaccessible Content

In the land of SEO, content is king. Content lets visitors to your site know what your company is, what kind of services you offer, where you’re located, and more. It allows people to see that you are an authentic company that knows a little something about your industry. A lack of content, or content that’s nearly impossible to find, will not help your site. SEO Inc.’s SEO website development services specialize in content placement and can help you relocate informational content, or even write new content specifically for your site!

3. Great Site – No Optimization!

You may have a beautifully designed site with all the latest Web 2.0 features and technologies, but if your site isn’t optimized correctly it won’t matter because no one will see it! At SEO Inc., optimization goes hand in hand with web development. We offer search engine friendly web development alongside our industry leading web design, so our clients get the best of both worlds!

Need more help? Why not go with the pros? SEO Inc. can provide you with SEO web development that both provides positive user experience and puts your site at the top of the rankings. Call us today for more information!