WordPress SEO

Stay Fresh.

Supporting the keywords for which you want your site to rank is virtually impossible if you don't have the content to back it up. It used to be that developers and webmasters would just stuff sites full of useless pages. Well, good riddance to those days. Now it's about relevant content that reads fluidly, makes sense to search engines and readers alike, and uses the keywords strategically and purposefully. Our blog development services solve this problem and are one of our many types of custom web development services.

Blogging Benefits for SEO

Blogging isn't just pictures of cats and top ten lists. It can be, but it's also one of the easiest and best ways to keep the content on your site updated regularly without disrupting the overall flow. Creating and maintaining a blog will maximize your search engine optimization strategy in a number of different ways:

  1. Enable "long-tail" keyword targeting
  2. Create supportive content for cross-linking to important website pages
  3. Stimulate linking from other blogs and websites
  4. Act as the hub for your company's social media 
  5. Build your authority and reputation as a leader in your industry

WordPress Blog Development

Setting up a blog and being an active blogging member within your industry not only establishes you and your site as thought leaders, it also can drive more traffic to your website and in turn, more sales. At SEO Inc., we offer custom WordPress blog development services which always include SEO strategy and our blogging best practices. Our experienced SEO team has set up blogs for business of all sizes that are completely catered to each and every need. Our process of setting up a WordPress blog is quick and thorough so you can start posting SEO-friendly blogs as soon as possible. We have this process down to a science, and we want to set up your WordPress blog today. 

Blog Development Process

Our rapid development service can include custom design or we can use all of your website's existing design elements and implement those into a modified layout for the blog. We can even use a purchased, pre-designed WordPress theme and modify it to your liking with your brand.. Here is our custom blog development process:

  1. Create blog layout / wireframe.
  2. Design blog - while maintaining your company's brand identity.
  3. Build out blog with SEO best practices.
  4. Implement the best plug-ins.
  5. Attach the blog to your website.

Once the blog has been completed, your SEO consultant will review our blogging best practices and work with you to create an initial editorial schedule, including researching topics to get you started.

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