Social Media Marketing: What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing

Want your brand to go viral? You have come to the right place. SEO Inc. is a leader in social media marketing viral campaigns, and we have the tools and know-how to get the internet buzzing with your brand name.

What Is a Social Media Marketing Viral Campaign?

Viral campaigns are online marketing initiatives explicitly created to develop fast, effective online exposure for companies.  This type of social media strategy, developed by SEO Inc. and social media specialists, utilizes a variety of resources and online industry knowledge to skyrocket your brand's visibility to consumers.

3 Steps to Go Viral with SEO Inc. 

  1. Determine a Goal - A viral campaign begins by first determining a campaign goal such as promoting a new product, building links for SEO, growing the size of your social community, driving leads, or increasing sales. Once the established goals are set, SEO Inc. will develop the technical and promotional strategy to achieve it.
  2. Technical and Promotional Strategy - The core of the campaign is the professional and promotional strategies. SEO Inc. experts will use their knowledge of social sites such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. to scope out a campaign that can be implemented and promoted across major online networks.

  3. Execute and Analyze - Once the strategy is in place, it’s merely a matter of executing the plan. Viral campaigns can run days or months depending on the scope. Following execution, SEO Inc. will provide a full analysis demonstrating the campaign's reach and its ROI, based on the goals chosen.

Our Social Media Marketing Viral Campaigns Include

  1. Research & development of creative campaign ideas
  2. Definition of campaign benefits & goals
  3. Promotional strategy (email, PR, website banner promotion, social ads, and blogger outreach)
  4. Campaign Management Strategy
  5. Setup and execution of the campaign
  6. Benchmarking and results 

Reasons to Consider a Social Media Viral Campaign

  1. Customer research
  2. Engage existing customers
  3. Build loyalty
  4. Build your referral customer base
  5. Increase your social communities (which helps search engine rankings)