Benefits of Social Media: Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Benefits

Social media benefits have attracted companies large and small to social media marketing. Whether you are looking to access important demographic information, increase the size of your reach, or simply make your brand more likeable, social media marketing can further benefit your company. As a leader in Internet marketing, SEO Inc. can help your company access the full benefits of social media marketing.

Top Social Media Benefits

  • Build an online community of loyal users.
  • Get customer mindshare.
  • Strengthen brand identity.
  • Create your own media channel.
  • Get important demographic information.
  • Watch the size of your reach grow exponentially with time.
  • Have a presence in the world’s largest online communities.
  • Grow your online presence.
  • Make your brand likeable and positive.
  • Watch your community do your marketing for you.
  • Manage your brand identity by responding to customer complaints.
  • Get people talking about your products, announcements, and content.
  • Become the source of your own news!
  • Optimize your brand for the millions of users/searchers on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook!
  • Own your branded search space!

Benefits of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

In addition to strengthening your company’s brand online, social media sites can improve search engine optimization as a whole. If you are focused on SEO and not social, the recent launch of Google Plus Your World is the biggest warning sign that you better get involved with social media or suffer the consequences of diminished search presence in Google search results. 

  • Google is now including personal results from Circles - so people with Google accounts get search results influenced by everyone in their Google network
  • The default for logged-in Google users is Google Search Plus Your World
  • Google+ “People and Pages” recommendations cannot be disabled and show up within searches even when completely logged out of Google.
  • Read more on Influence of Google+ on Search Engine Optimization.

Social media campaigns can generate exposure for your company’s blog, resulting in an increase in organic linking and traffic to your company’s website. Furthermore, social media sites like Twitter and YouTube can be optimized for niche elements of Google search, which can help broaden your company’s reach. With experience in both social media marketing and search engine optimization, SEO Inc. can help you develop a strategy that will strengthen your brand identity, improve your SEO, and provide social media benefits. 


Now that you know the benefits of social media marketing, take some time to read about and understand the various Social Media Marketing Services and our core social media strategy that SEO Inc. offers that can help your business including:

Social Media Management - Too busy or just not sure how to manage your company's social presence effectively? SEO Inc. can help by building your communities and managing your social profiles for you.

Social Media Optimization - This ensures that your social media profiles are giving your company the desired exposure and properly integrated with your SEO strategy.

Social Media Advertising - Increase sales or leads, grow your communities, or simply expose your brand to a selected highly targeted audience.

Social Media Viral Campaigns - Expose your brand with sharing; build & engage your social communities with contests, sweepstakes, and other creative campaigns.

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