SEO Optimized Press Releases

Make the news. Be the news. 

Millions of people worldwide access their news on top-ranking websites such as,, Google News, Bing, and Yahoo! News. Now you can join their ranks with professional seo press release content writing from SEO Inc.! Writing seo press releases engages readers new and old and builds you a strong Internet presence.

Well-written, easily sharable and seo optimized press release writing is vital to increasing your exposure and improving the visibility of your brand and website. With SEO Inc. optimizing and writing press releases for you, we’ll get you on all the top-ranking news sites. Our Optimized SEO Press release places your business in front of the of journalists who go online daily and use news search engines to discover the latest stories and companies.

Writing Press Releases—A Great Search Engine & Social Media Promotion Tool

Press release SEO provides many benefits to a successful SEO campaign. Our PR team collaborates with your SEO Account Manager to ensure you thoroughly understand your target audience while aligning the SEO press release strategy with your larger marketing goals. We thoughtfully integrate keywords into effective written content that targets your audience and interests bloggers and journalists too.

Get the Attention of Your Target Market

Offering a product or service? Grab your potential audience with engaging press release content writing. Managing an exhibit or tradeshow? Press release writing drives traffic to your event with media coverage. Whatever your marketing goal, writing press releases sees a tangible return on your investment. We can help you achieve your dream with our online press release distribution.

SEO Optimized Press Release Reporting

Writing press releases is only part of our job. After writing, optimizing, and syndicating your press release, we track the results to ensure your company gets the best exposure. Statistics for coverage and syndication of your press release are compiled by analyzing:

  • Online views – the number of times your SEO press release was viewed
  • Release postings – the number of known re-posts of your SEO press release by other websites
  • Media views – the number of times registered members of the media click and view your press release
  • SEO organic click-throughs
  • Referring sites
  • Geographic visibility

Our SEO optimized press release methodology provides you with keyword visibility in all the top searches. Your online press releases will increase the number of visitors to your site as well as the number of prospects willing to give you their email address, fill out an online form, or most importantly, purchase something.

How Will People Find Your News?

Submitting newsworthy, optimized press releases frequently to newswires that syndicate across the Web keeps company visibility high. Writing press releases builds a reputation for continuous innovation and authority. SEO Inc. expertly optimizes your press release for your top search terms, so you can be found by more pre-qualified visitors ready to buy your product or service.

Keep Your Company in the Limelight

With a regular optimized press release syndication schedule from SEO Inc., we’ll ensure your company is always in the news. Our copywriting team works with you to determine the best ideas, news and topics for press releases, then writes them using established press release writing and marketing techniques to guarantee optimal pickup.

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