What Is an XML Sitemap? What does it mean for SEO?

What Is an XML Sitemap?

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As mentioned on our page discussing meta tags and SEO optimization, there are a few things that all top search engines have in common. However, there still are a few things that they do agree upon, and the first web standard was the schema for sitemaps. Once your website has been optimized, and our SEO strategy is in place, we will use our proprietary crawler to index your site and generate a standards-compliant XML sitemap to upload to your web server and submit to Google and other search engines. While this does not guarantee that all of your pages will appear in the index or that they will rank, it significantly improves the chances. More importantly, submission of a properly formatted XML sitemap is now the accepted standard of submitting your pages to the search engines. Instead of filling out forms to send your pages, we directly submit the sitemap.

What Is an XML Sitemap?

An XML sitemap is a file that needs to be uploaded to your web server and Google Search Console. The XML sitemap allows you to inform search engines about all of the pages (URLs) on your website that are available for crawling. It also enables webmasters to include additional information about each URL, such as when the page was last updated, the frequency of updates to the page, and the page’s importance with other pages on the website.

An XML Sitemap Does Not Replace a Good HTML Sitemap

The XML sitemap format is not a user-friendly readable format, so it is still essential to create an additional sitemap to help users find pages on your website. Essentially, the XML sitemap is a "Google sitemap," while your HTML sitemap is a "user sitemap." Both of these are critical elements of your search engine optimization and should be updated as regularly as your website is updated. It is also important to understand that an XML sitemap is not a substitute for site architecture optimization.

Best of Breed Google Sitemap Technology

All search engine optimization clients and SEO consulting clients have an XML sitemap included in their SEO services. Depending on need, we offer different service levels. If your website has more frequent URL updates, we will automate the process regarding new or removed URL's in the sitemap. At a minimum, your SEO services will include an initial XML sitemap created by our sitemap generator, and then an updated version after the content strategy is implemented with the optimization.

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