Press Release: Benefits with SEO

SEO Benefits Using Press Releases

Press releases have long been a proven method to distribute news about your company to the world. The most important benefit of press releases has always been that press releases make it possible to make an announcement through a single source (wire service) and have that announcement distributed to hundreds of other sources.

A New World of Media

The internet has dramatically shifted the focus of press releases from getting to news desks of the traditional media to now distributing your statement to a much wider audience of internet journalists and bloggers, in addition to the conventional media. The internet has created opportunities—but also confusion for many. The press release benefit of a single source is no longer valid. There are dozens of new services in addition to the traditional wire services, and many of them do not have the reach to make an online press release succeed. 

Online Press Benefits for SEO

Whether it’s the launch of a new product or service, a new partnership, or other company information, releasing your breaking news in an optimized press release can help you gain more traffic to your website, increase search engine visibility, and also get higher keyword rankings.

Improve Your Rankings, Traffic, and Visibility Via Press Releases

SEO Inc optimizes your press releases with keywords and links to pages on your site and links back to the web pages on your website that are most likely to drive conversions. These links also take advantage of other websites’ high page rankings to improve your own website’s rankings.

PR professionals have spent their careers working with reporters to gain media coverage, but as more mainstream media outlets and journalists go online for their news, you can leverage similar relationships with optimized press releases from SEO Inc.

To take full advantage of press release benefits, SEO Inc. implements SEO optimization practices by our unique methodology infused into your press release and utilizes a proprietary process for the distribution of your press release. You’ll immediately reach journalists, bloggers, top influencers, and search engines with a precise, concise press release with a focused message created by an experienced SEO Inc. copywriter.

  • Gain publicity
  • Become recognized in your field
  • Increase site traffic and ROI
  • Improve website rankings
  • Gain Brand Awareness
  • Create Syndicated Channels for your news release
  • Get your brand noticed by bloggers and journalists

Understanding how your target audience communicates about your organization's products and services and issues is one of SEO Inc.’s cornerstones. We know how to use your keywords and employ social media marketing to leverage your organization's publicity efforts as well as your SEO campaign, so you can fully realize the benefits of press releases.

Now that you understand the benefits of optimized press releases take a few minutes to find out more about the SEO optimized press releases to deliver the service and learn more about the over 27,000 news outlets and 6,000+ websites in our press release distribution network.

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