Google Analytics Consulting

What is Google Analytics?

You have a website, and it is generating traffic—but do you know where that traffic is coming from and how well that traffic is performing? Are you able to define the ROI of your online and offline marketing campaigns? If you don’t have a deep understanding of the quality of all of your website traffic, then you need web analytics consulting and possibly a full-scale implementation.  Professional search engine optimization should always include analysis and customization of your web analytics. Companies need quick visibility into the data to regularly fine-tune marketing strategy, and that makes web analytics consulting services paramount to the overall optimization success.

Google Analytics Consulting Services

Google Analytics Consulting Services

Since its acquisition of Urchin Software in 2005, it has made robust web analytics available to the masses. While the software is free, the expertise needed to implement and customize Google Analytics properly can be daunting for even experienced web developers. At SEO Inc., our entire SEO project Management team is required to learn and become certified in Google Analytics. Our well-trained team allows our search engine optimization services to go beyond the completion of short-sighted goals and get into maximizing ROI by improving conversions and focusing strategy around the best keywords.

Going Beyond Search Analytics

When implemented with our Google Analytics SEO consulting service, the data we gather will tell you more than which keywords are driving traffic and converting into leads or sales. We will set up your Google Analytics so that we can track other types of campaigns, including email, social, PPC, and even offline marketing campaigns.

Our Web analytics consulting services are thorough and designed to ultimately improve your business' bottom line no matter what type of marketing you are doing. We go beyond the simple implementation of Google Analytics code and ensure that your analytics are customized for you including:

  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • Define KPI’s
  • Properly implement analytics code
  • Verify data integrity
  • Create benchmarks
  • Set up custom tracking & segmentation
  • Set up custom dashboards
  • Set Up Goal Tracking
  • Analyze tracked data

Follow the Money Trail with Google Analytics Consulting

Understanding where your traffic is coming from and how it performs on your website is critical to any online business. Google analytics consulting enables enterprises to have the ability to determine:

  • Where website visitors come from
  • How to use Google Analytics best for your business
  • How users behave on your website
  • Distinguish organic search from Paid Search traffic
  • Measure marketing campaign data
  • Which keywords, campaigns, etc. are resulting in sales (or leads)

From Web Analytics Consulting to Conversion Optimization

Once we have a proper installation and customization, the next phase of our web analytics consulting service moves on to reviewing the data and using it to make actionable decisions to improve your website engagement and conversions. SEO Inc. can set up A/B and multivariate tests to maximize the return on your marketing campaigns and engage website visitors for a more extended period.

Find out how we help our clients get more out of their marketing dollars with web analytics consulting services!