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YouTube Trends: YouTube Launches YouTube Trends

YouTube has announced YouTube trends, a new way to find the most popular videos on YouTube.

YouTube trends is similar to Twitter trends. It simply takes the most popular items on YouTube and aggregates them in one place. That place is actually a new website. Visit YouTube trends: As of right now YouTube trends fails to impress. However, it may get better with time.

According to YouTube Trends, this is what you can expect from the site.

  • New algorithmically-generated feeds that highlight trending videos and topics.
  • A twice-daily collection of videos called “4 at 4” drawn from those feeds and from top video curation sites around the web.
  • A blog with more in-depth and contextual explorations of videos, trends, and cultural phenomenon as seen through the lens of YouTube, using YouTube’s own internal data.
  • And a brand new dashboard that allows you to quickly explore what’s popular in different cities in the United States and in countries around the world, as well as within specific demographic sets.

Part of me wonders if this site was made simply to create feeds. YouTube knowing full well that these feeds will then be republished all over the internet, allowing for more YouTube links and better video exposure. If this is the strategy, it was certianly not a bad idea.

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