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Writing a Killer Blog Post [Infographic]

“Content is king,” or so you’re told. Whether you want to hear it or not, it is true. That doesn’t mean you should be posting just for the sake of having content, though.

Not only does your blog post have to be focused, it has to have a number of elements to help it get shared, be seen, and live a long life.  Our friends at Copyblogger put together an infographic to take your blog post from blah to AHHHHHHH THAT’S AWESOME!! Check it out! It’s called “11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs.”

Think you got the hang of it? What it really boils down to is passion. If you truly love what you’re writing about, it will show. Granted, not every topic is as exciting as clowns competing in a demolition derby, but if you were to add in some of the elements in this infographic, you’ll be able to spice up pretty much any topic there is.

Now, get writing that blog post!

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