Will Twitter Branded Pages Hurt Facebook?

Twitter Branding Pages and Facebook Pages

OK, let’s not put Twitter and Facebook in a vicious cage match against each other here. The two sites are different animals. Sure, they both technically fall under the category of social networking sites. But when all things are considered, they are quite different. One of the main ways they are different is that Facebook has business pages explicitly intended for companies to utilize and Twitter does not. Think about that for a moment, could that be one of the BIG reasons why Facebook has experienced more success than Twitter? Based on the latest news, it would appear Twitter is considering this and may take action to correct it.

Does Twitter want to Hurt Facebook?
Does Twitter want to Hurt Facebook?

According to Tweetbeat, “Twitter is considering introducing brand pages similar to those found on Facebook. The pages would serve as a marketing tool for advertisers, creating a new source of revenue for Twitter.”

So the question then becomes, does Twitter need branded pages? As of right now, opinions are mixed, but if this happens, it will undoubtedly have implications for your social media optimization strategy. But I’ll step up here and give my two cents.

First, any changes taking place on Twitter scare me a little. Their updates to usability, functionality, and design in the past have gone through some severe struggles before reaching fruition. Furthermore, many of the changes, the new Twitter interface, for example, do not represent drastic improvements in the site. They just seem to be a type of awkward reorganization. So I am always a little wary when they try to do something new. That being said, I am all for innovation, and they can’t just stand still, or they will die. So they might as well take a shot at this extension to the business model. Let’s just hope they do plenty of testing first.

Ultimately, if Twitter does decide to go the way of branded pages, it will be a good thing. Brands need to have control of their identity on social media sites for them to feel comfortable, and the ability to add a simple jpeg image in the background is not enough. They need to be able to create custom apps for users to interact with and add links to other critical online properties. The more controlled flexibility you provide to businesses the better. So a level of “controlled” flexibility for brands would be an improvement for the site.

Facebook has done a great job to specify the areas of the site which brands can modify. On Facebook, brands can alter their tabs, change their profile pictures, control their content, control wall settings, etc., and this all takes place on a Facebook Page, which is different from a profile. The basic structure of the Facebook Page always remains the same. As long as Twitter can offer a similar level of flexibility and control with their new branded pages, if they do decide to release this, they will be making a significant step forward. Furthermore, now that Twitter is in the advertising game I know their clients are anxious for more customization options on their pages. I’m sure they will need to yield eventually.

So how will this affect Facebook? If Twitter does offer more to brands, it has the potential to make the companies more comfortable. Businesses will invest more time in their profile, feel more proud, and be compelled to push more money in Twitter’s direction. Social media marketing budgets are only so large. Because of this, we may see a percentage shift from Facebook advertising to be reallocated to Twitter.

What are your thoughts? Will Twitter Branded Pages Hurt Facebook?

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