Will Google Wallet Change the Way we Buy Offline?

Are you sick of carrying around your wallet? Well, then I have good news for you. You don’t have to anymore. That’s right, Google Wallet is here, and it will change the way we buy offline.

What is Google Wallet?

Google Wallet is a payment system that allows you to make purchases by scanning the screen of your smartphone. Google Wallet can pass on information from credit cards, coupons and loyalty cards, all with the swipe of the phone. The payment feature of Google Wallet is being coined as a single tap.

Why is Google Wallet So Exciting?

From an online marketing perspective, Google Wallet ties everything together. In the video below there is an excellent example of this superb integration of current in-demand marketing features. Imagine that you are walking down the street and you start getting hungry. You decide to Google “lunch.” Offers pop up from all of the lunch locations listed locally in the area. You can then select a suggestion, add it to your Google Wallet, and then head in and make a purchase using your Google Wallet Tap to Pay feature.

Some are projecting that Google Wallet will bring a boost to offline sales in specific areas where smartphone usage is high. The main reason, Google Wallet makes it easier to pay.

We are already aware that Facebook has created a credit type system for deals and loyalty rewards. Also, Facebook and FourSquare both offer locally-based deals. While this is the case, Google Wallet accounts for all of these items and more. With Google Wallet and the advanced analytics that are sure to accompany it, Internet marketers will be able to track explicit conversions from online to offline. Internet marketers will be able to follow a user from mobile search to mobile purchase.
Moreover, we will be able to track from QR code to free purchase, which brings increased value to QR marketing strategies. Overall, Google Wallet is an exciting new way to play offline. But if this is going to take off Google will need a strong marketing campaign to get users on board. We see an attempt at this in the video above. They have already formed alliances with major retailers and restaurants. With this type of support system, Google Wallet is sure to become a utilized payment system. The question is; how many people will adopt it and how quickly? A follow-up question would be, does Facebook have an answer to this?

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