Will Friendsheet Destroy Pinterest?

Pinterest: Will Friendsheet Destroy The Platform?

Jon Sturgill an SEO consultant at SEO Inc. walked into my office and said.

They just made an application that turns Facebook into a Pinterest format and Mark Zuckerberg is promoting it.” And yeah, he is right. Here is a picture.


When you log into Friendsheet with your Facebook login, it takes all of the information in Facebook and reformats it to look like Pinterest, except you are at Friendsheet.com. Friendsheet is cool, as it makes all the existing content in your Facebook network and slaps it into a Pinterest format. I know I said the same thing twice there; I just wanted it to sink in. Why spend all the time on Pinterest when you can migrate your network over with a simple login?!

Friendsheet Internal Page

So does this destroy any chance of Pinterest ever being successful? No, no, it doesn’t (at least in my opinion). Our decorative, visually obsessed friends and family will still enjoy the Pinterest product. While this is the case, Friendsheet does offer a welcomed new format for viewing Facebook content. Furthermore, it keeps all the same features like Facebook, so you don’t need to learn any new terms. You can share, like and comment away.

What do you think about Friendsheet? Is it any match for Pinterest?

As we can see Mark Zuckerberg likes it.

Mark Zuckerberg Friendsheet Like
Mark Zuckerberg Friendsheet Like


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