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Will Adding a Google + Button Increase Referring Site Traffic? [Research]

Ever since Google + went live, there’s been great speculation as to its effectiveness in referring traffic back to websites. Because of this, SEO Inc. decided to take a closer look at Google +.

The Experiment

SEO Inc. compiled and reviewed statistics of eight diverse companies in varying industries. SEO Inc. looked at four companies that had Google + integrated on their websites, and four companies that did not. It should be noted that none of the companies we recorded information from were in the publishing industry, and only one company was in the tech industry.

For the companies that had Google + installed on their website, we took a look at the following numbers:

Google + Referral Traffic

The Data

Referral Traffic from Sites With Google Plus:

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Referral Traffic from Sites Without Google Plus:

Site 5

Site 6

Site 7

Site 8

In addition, we took a look at the same data for the four websites that did not have Google + installed.

The Findings

Based on the data, SEO Inc. was able to determine that only two of the eight websites had traffic from, and one of those sites only had one visitor. Additionally, the only site that seemed to have notable traffic from Google + was a tech-based company.  None of the websites without the Google + button installed had any referring site traffic from the Google + site.

The Implications for SEO

This experiment seems to suggest that companies with an established technological background will fare well with Google +. Furthermore, companies that actively seek out referral traffic through Google + have a greater chance of getting Google + shares, and thus Google + referring site traffic.

Out of the 8 websites, only 1 site had notable traffic from Google +. This poses the question of just how effective Google + is and will be in the future. For now, things still seem to be a little up in the air but it is early.

If you have any comments about Google +, please write them below! Are you using Google + in your Social Media Marketing?

SEO Inc. would like to note that this data came from a small segment of websites. This data was taken during time period of Sep 11, 2011 – Oct 11, 2011 vs. Aug 11, 2011 – Sep 10, 2011.  This data does not provide conclusive evidence to determine specific search engine optimization or referring site strategies. It should also be noted that the Google + project is still in it’s early stages. Things that are true today may not be true tomorrow.

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