Why you Need Conversion Optimization for your Blog

Blogging has taken off like wildfire and is a core internet marketing strategy for most companies. There is hardly a website that exists online without a blog, and if they don’t have one it is only a matter of time before they realize what they are missing out on. Blogging brings traffic, supports SEO and social media and let’s users who land on your site know that you are alive, and an actual business is behind that code, content and design.

The Problem With Most Business Blogs

But as blogging has progressed, there has been a common complaint; “I am getting all this traffic to my blog, but no one is buying my product or filling out my lead form!” As someone who is very ROI and conversion focused I must say that I hear this complaint loud and clear. We will make one quick point and then talk a little about blog/social media conversion optimization. Don’t forget that blogging improves your rankings for larger keywords if it is done correctly and it pulls in referral site traffic, so you do convert and see ROI that way. OK, now that we have gotten that out of the way lets discuss what I believe is an initiative of the future for online business, blog conversion optimization.

Blog Conversion Optimization
Your Blog Wants to Convert for you, Let’s Help It Get There

Blog Conversion Optimization

Many of our clients now get thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors to their blog. And some actually do covert very well, but just like any web page with a purpose. There are things we can do to improve the amount of conversion. So what are some of the strategies bloggers use?

First, let’s consider what blogging is. It is really an inbound marketing strategy right? We are creating content that we are using as bait to try to attract people to our website. People are coming to our blog for information. That want to see what we have to offer. Now, the fact that the information we have created attracts them in many cases qualifies them as a potential customer. At some level, these people are interested in the information we offer, the product we sell, etc. So how can we use this to our advantage?

In blog and social media marketing conversion optimization we need to keep in mind that people are not looking for a hard sell. Think about it this way, if you were in a social situation and you invited someone over you wouldn’t put a contract in front of their face, you would let them try the product first right? Of course, you might ask them if they are interested in buying the product too… With this same train of thought, here are some of the things we can do to get a blog to convert better.

Create Softer Conversions

What is a soft conversion? Have you ever downloaded something from a website that you really wanted? Maybe a new whitepaper on Facebook or Google + or a screen saver? But when you downloaded that shiny item, you were asked to enter your email address and provide a little information about yourself. This is an example of a soft conversion, or basically a conversion that is seen as a soft lead. This type of conversion is not quite as powerful as a straight lead.

Channel Users

Experienced bloggers and especially affiliate marketers know that subtleties in writing and basic calls to action within blog posts can lead to conversions. For example, have you ever been reading about a wonder product. The content creator may have done a very good job getting you excited about it. The longer the article goes on the more you want to buy it. Then at the perfect moment that person provides a link to learn more. You end up purchasing five of the things.

Refine your Biggest Posts

Certain posts are going to attract more users that others. You can determine this through Google Analytic, Facebook Insights, Omniture, it really doesn’t matter. But find out which posts are really brining in the numbers for you. Consider that those posts are on a specific topic that relates to you business. Then, take the time to make sure the correct service offering is aligned with that post in a subtle yet convincing way. Do I hear special offer?

Blog conversion optimization really takes an expert in writing, analytics, usability and just good old fashion marketing, but the pay off can be very substantial. If you can increase the conversion rate on blog post just a few percent that can mean many more leads for your company. Just as conversion optimization is critical on website, we must take the time to ensure our blog posts convert. The online space is getting more competitive everyday, which is why need to take the time to make sure our blog and social media marketing converts.

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