Why Theme Pages for Search Engine Optimization?

With the Ever Growing Forest of WebPages Online, Page Themes Provide Search Engines and Users with Much Needed Direction
With the Ever-Growing Forest of WebPages Online, Page Themes Provide Search Engines and Users with Much Needed Direction

Do your pages have a theme? Or are they just a bunch of random stuff you thought your customer base would find interesting? For the sake of your business, marketing efforts, and search engine optimization, you’re going to want to address this question and keep it top of mind.

What do we mean by theme?

A theme is a basic idea that there are specific goals and content associated with each page of a website. By specifying a topic for each page it allows you to focus on keywords, calls to action, internal and external linking, as well as video and images which are concisely aligned with your navigation and search engine efforts.

Why do your pages need a theme for SEO?

In the case of search engine optimization, it is vital that each of your pages have a clear and concise theme. Think of it as a mission statement. What is that page trying to accomplish, what is its value to the world, how will that page serve your customer base? Once you have asked yourself these questions, you can discover keywords which best represent the page’s mission. Adding those keywords in the right places lets the search engine know the purpose of the page you have created, and thus, allows you to rank for the terms you have specified.

Why do your pages need a theme for Navigation?

Associating a theme with each page is also vital for creating both SEO friendly and user-friendly navigation, the value of which should never be overlooked. Establishing a theme for each page allows you to create a hierarchy of products or content. Each of those pages supports each other and link together in a way which will enable users to find what they are looking for quickly, and search engines to easily crawl your site. The final result of this strategy will be a hub structure that you and your company will be proud of, and that search engines and users will respond well to.

The Final Word on Themes, SEO and Navigation

Without creating a precise meaning for each page on your website not only will your search engine optimization efforts suffer, but you will also establish less ideal navigation. Also, you will not create the specific keyword relationship needed to develop a focused and sound internal linking structure. The larger your website gets, the more critical it becomes to ensure you are creating specific and clear messages for each page. By keeping this in mind and executing effectively, your online business will prosper, and your customer base will view your site in a positive light.

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