Why the Facebook Login Button is the Future of Personalization Online

They are claiming 1 billion users on Facebook by August, and the Facebook login button is the key to them all…

The Facebook login button is an interesting concept. Basically, you can add the Facebook login button to your website, configure it, and users can then login to your site using their Facebook login information.

Why is the Facebook Login Button Important?

The Facebook login button has many implications for website owners. But the driving factor behind installation is that by adding the button you eliminate all (or most of) the registration process for a user. Facebook already has the information you will need from a user to login to your site. So when you add the button to your site and a user logs in, Facebook delivers all that information to you.

Now, other websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google offer this login feature too. However, they do not offer you as much information as Facebook.

As you can see, Facebook delivers the most information. Website owners then have the option to use this information however they like.

Facebook Login Button
Facebook Login Button

How the Facebook Login Button Helps with Form Completion

So we have already talked about how Facebook supplies the website with data when a user logs in with the button. Now as the website owner you have the option to use that data however you like. The most frequently utilization of the data is to support form completion. For example, say you have an eCommerce site that requires you create an account to complete your purchase. By allowing a user to login with Facebook you can save them the time of filling out field after field and instead just populate those fields with Facebook data. How cool is that!

There is a clear benefit to enabling this option. By saving the user time and energy it will lower bounce rates and give them more stamina to purchase products on your website.

Advanced Facebook Login Button Strategies

As we mentioned before, you can use the data provided by the Facebook login button however you like. So why not get creative! I have some personal experience with this, as we have developed a few really cool personalized tools. Let’s talk this out…

OK, so Facebook delivers you data right. Data such as what a user likes, where they live, what their activities are, how old they are, their gender, etc. To me this just screams, “PERSONALIZATION OPPORTUNITY!” Sorry if that was too loud. But what I am trying to say is that if you know the user likes running, why not deliver them a product page with running shoes? If the user lives in San Diego, why not deliver them a page offering them a deal at their local San Diego restaurant?

Basically, the login button offers us the opportunity to customize our website to a user more than ever before. In my opinion, as long as no new privacy laws come about, it is really the future of the web and an important element of Facebook social media marketing.

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