Social Media and PPC Conversions

If you haven’t already realized it from reading anything that John has written on here, Social Media is critical and extremely helpful when it comes to organic search engine optimization. As a Paid Search Manager, my focus has been more on pay-per-click campaigns on the major search engines rather than on social media sites. However, after reading a report on Gigya that said that “nearly 20% of social consumers are now using social networks as their core navigation tool”, I’ve been thinking of how to successfully combine paid search campaigns and social media strategies.

Strengthen Brand Awareness

Social media is, naturally, going to strengthen brand awareness. Because of this, consumers are more likely to click on paid search ads because they are more familiar with your company. So, with a strong social media based brand campaign, people are going convert on your ad when searching for your product or service, which will improve your click through rate and improve your quality score.

Social Media Advertising Enhances Paid Search

More and more social media sites let you create ads which can use strategies similar to Adwords. Facebook and Twitter already have advertising products that should become a part of every company’s social media advertising strategy. Other sites like YouTube need to be more thoughtful, using longer tail keywords to find that target audience. Either way, taking the time to become familiar with each site’s structure is going to be time well spent.

When all is said and done, the smarter companies are going to integrate paid search campaigns with social media advertising campaigns. Both have different methods and approaches but complement each other to reach the same goal: increased ROI. The more that these are managed together with a similar brand and theme messages, the more likely you are going to see that increased ROI. By using both paid search and social media, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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