Why Google Changes Title Tags in Search Results

Google Changes Title Tag in Search Results

Have you ever done a search in Google for a keyword that you rank for only to discover that Google is displaying a different title tag than what you implemented? Well, we have done this, often. Probably because we are a seo company, nonetheless, we demanded answers as to why Google was manipulating our titles when we take so much time to perfect them. Recently, Google came out and explained why they change titles in search results.

“We use many signals to decide which title to show to users, primarily the <title> tag if the webmaster specified one. But for some pages, a single title might not be the best one to show for all queries, and so we have algorithms that generate alternative titles to make it easier for our users to recognize relevant pages.” – Google

Google Changing Page Titles in Search Results
Google Changing Page Titles in Search Results

So Google is yet again taking it upon them to decide what is best for our websites, nothing new here. But why would Google do something like this? According to Google, their testing has shown that these specific query title results are more relevant to these searches. Google says that they substantially improve click through rates for the search results and this helps both searchers and the webmaster.

Increasing search to content relevancy and click through rates is not Google’s only motivation for making this alteration. In some cases Google will generate page titles for web pages that have not specified a title or have a non-descriptive title. Furthermore, it is common that Google will generate a page title when duplicate titles exist on the site.

Hopefully this post has given you a little more insight into why Google changes the title of webpages in search results. We know it is not the most exciting topic in the world but in search engine optimization, social media marketing and just Internet marketing in general; it’s good to be in the know.

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