Who you are Depends on your Favorite Inbox, Really?

What do you check first when you wake up in the morning, social media or your email address? The answer to that question may say something about you as a person.

ExactTarget recently released a study on this. According to them, and some commentary in a blog post by Mashable, here is what we know about those who choose social media marketing over email.

Those Who Check Email First

If you check email first ExactTarget says you lean more towards being task oriented and only interact with brands when you need something, such as doing research or just getting general information.

Those Who Check Social First

Now when they said social (social media) they were specifically referencing Facebook. If you start with Facebook they say you look for “extracurricular” information from companies and it is important for you to interact with the company first. In addition, you enjoy accessing their media and entertainment to get a feel for the company.

According to Mashable’s report on the subject, there is more:

  • More than 50% of U.S. online consumers check their e-mail before visiting other websites when they start the day.
  • Facebook is the first destination for 11% of U.S. online consumers.
  • Of daily Facebook users, 69% “Like” at least one company or brand.
  • 68% of daily Twitter users follow at least one brand on the service.
  • 43% of all American Internet users are either fans or followers of at least one brand on Twitter or Facebook.

As we can see, as each day passes online consumers are becoming more accepting of social media marketing. Clear levels of social media interaction are on the rise making it incredibly important for brands to have a presence on these sites. Facebook in particular, is now a frequently visited destination for over 400 million users! While this is true, email marketing is extremely effective, according to the study.

Adding fuel to the social media strategy frenzy, it was recently noted that “someone who has ‘Liked’ a brand will spend an average of $71.84 more each year on that brand’s products or services than will someone who has not Liked it on Facebook, for a total average annualized value of $136.38.” (Source: “The Value of a Facebook Fan: An Empirical Review”)

With clear signs that we are moving into a social media dominated Internet, companies that jump in early we will see the biggest rewards.

Think about it, if you had a Facebook message or an email. What would you check first?

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