What you need to know about Google Blocked Sites

What you need to know about Blocked Google Sites

Google is now allowing users the option to block certain websites from search results. This new feature is definitely not something to browse over. Because of this, I wrote an extensive post on Search Engine Land covering the topic. The article, titled Google Blocked Sites & Why Making a Good First Impression Matters covered a few key points. In this post will briefly summarize the article.

Whether you own a big site or not, no one wants their online properties blockedYou now have the option to view a link which lets you block a website whether or not you are logged into a Google account. The option to block a website usually appears after you have visited a site and then bounced back to the Google search results page. Once you are back on the search results page you will have the option to block a site. If you click this option you will need to log into your Google account to confirm the block.

This block is in fact a site wide block! So while you may have only had one piece of poor content that resulted in someone choosing to block your site, your entire site has now been blocked from a users search results. However, this block will only take place when you are logged into a Google account, otherwise you will be able to see the site.

If someone chooses to block your website Google will take this into account and in “high confidence situations” it will negatively affect your site in Google search results. Because of this, and many other clear reasons, it is vital that your site does not get blocked in Google!

How to Avoid Becoming a Google Blocked Site

  • Optimize for keywords that you are confident you can be an authority on
  • Create good content
  • Make sure meta data matches the content

Google is becoming much more interactive. Users can now Plus 1 certain search results and/or block results. By creating good content around themes that make sense for your site you can ensure your rankings improve opposed to being penalized or removed from Google results; whether it be for an individual users Google account or the entire index.

Currently, there is no way to see how many people have blocked your site from search results. We hope Google makes this available soon. Also, it is important to point out that site blocks can be removed.

Read our Full Post on Google Blocked Sites on Search Engine Land or leave a comment below!

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